You’re Next (2013)

youre next gifIf you’ve seen the preview to this movie, it is very reminiscent of The Strangers. We see unknown assailants in creepy masks on the hunt in pursuit of home invasion horror. The preview had me hooked and when I finally got to see the real thing in theaters, I was not disappointed in the least bit. This is The Purge home invasion movie we wanted to see! None of that weak, happy-ending, let’s all hold hands and skip into the sunset, bullshit.

youre next familyIt’s the perfect set-up – a family reunion in a big mansion in the middle of nowhere. Family reunions are always interesting, but add violence and gore and I’m a happy girl. We have the preppy, put-together, extremely wealthy parents and their four children: son, Crispian and his Australian girlfriend, Erin (who are the main characters); a douchebag, yuppie, older brother and his wife; cheerleader-type sister and artsy-fartsy boyfriend; and brooding younger brother with a gothic, out-of-place girlfriend. I love this cast. This is smart script writing with well-developed characters. Probably one of the biggest problems I see in horror movies is the under-development of characters. Without this proper development, who gives a shit whether these people live or die if you don’t have a connection to them?

Ti West plays the artsy-fartsy boyfriend. You may or may not know this director, but I suggest you look him up on IMDb either way and become familiar with his movies. He has some great stuff. I only realized Ti West was in this film after viewing it the second time at home and paying close attention to the credits. There he was. I obviously wouldn’t have known it was him otherwise since he is a director and not a face that you see often. I started thinking about this more, the fact that he has a cameo in this film. (It can only be called a cameo since he doesn’t survive long.) I realized You’re Next reminds me SO much of The House of The Devil – one of the most haunting films in my opinion – a film written and directed by Ti West! Both films have a heavy nostalgic nod to the 1970’s style horror film. 70’s horror always seems to have an extra creepy quality and ambiance. The music in You’re Next is deeply inspired by this as well.

erin youre nextOk, so a little bit more about the actual film. The movie commences with all these interesting characters sitting around the dinner table when boyfriend Ti West notices something strange outside and steps up to the window. An arrow comes crashing through the window and impales him right through the eye and the horror begins. Can you imagine being in a war zone with arrows flying through the windows and nowhere to hide? And what’s even scarier than the attacks is the fear and questions of why they are being attacked. As the family members start to diminish in grisly fashion, the movie takes a turn. Super badass Erin decides she does not want to be a victim and displays unexpected, superwoman survival techniques. I imagine how I would fair in a situation like this. Would I be able to fight back? Erin is strangely good at bludgeoning people and runs knives through skull and bone and takes blenders to the brain. You do not want to mess with this chick.

youre next gifThe humor in the movie really adds something special and unexpected. The punchy, tight script makes this not only a good horror movie, but a good movie in general. This tense thriller mystery never has a moment of boredom. The twist at the end is top notch and makes this a memorable film. After watching it a second time at home on demand, it still makes me jump. I have this on pre-order through Amazon, and I can’t wait to see it again.

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