Wild in Blue (2014)

wild in blueWild in Blue is an angry and gritty portrayal of a serial killer who targets his victims through one night stands. We follow Charlie, the serial killer, as he films his encounters with potential victims. This is a found footage film and most of my readers know that I am not a fan of this overused filming technique. I wish I could complain about the found footage being a deterrence to the overall viewing experience but found footage in Wild in Blue is the LEAST of its problems.

First, let me talk a little bit more about the plot. Charlie is a nymphomaniac who craves and loathes women. Violence is sex and sex is violence. The two go hand in hand. He has an internal struggle battling two very different sides of his personality. He has this urge to connect to people emotionally but at the same time has to fight off his sadistic tendencies. This is a dark movie, so indeed, evil always wins.

Charlie could be an interesting character. There are layers to him but it all seems too contradictory. Typically, a person who has murdered on multiple occasions is labeled as psychotic and sociopathic and as such, should have no conscience or empathy for the pain inflicted on others nor the desire for meaningful human interactions. Charlie is a conundrum, and an unlikable one at that.

wild in blueThe movie itself tries to come off as brooding and artsy but instead it is static and emotionless. I appreciate the first-person POV like in Maniac as if we are looking through the killers eyes, but I honestly contemplated turning it off multiple times. I don’t mind a slow movie (see my review for Sombre which deals with a very similar plot), but the stagnant storytelling is just too disjointed for my taste.

And speaking of taste, Wild in Blue is very trashy and exploitative. I kept wondering if the filmmaker just wanted to make this movie as an excuse to film “prostitutes” in their most compromising and tasteless positions. I love my fair share of exploitation horror films and there are a couple memorable and jarring scenes like having scream queen Karen Black (House of 1000 Corpses) as his first victim, but this plotless film just seems to be a slew of slutty scenes and erotic killings. Wild in Blue tries too much to be like Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and instead ends up as being tainted smut, and not in a fun, campy way.

It is free to rent on Amazon Prime, if you are so inclined.

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