Trouble Every Day (2001)

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Newlyweds Shane (Vincent Gallo) and June arrive in Paris for what should be a romantic intimate honeymoon, but something is terribly wrong. It is quickly apparent that Shane is very concerned with a past medical study he was a part of in Paris. He seems to be repressing dark urges and having violent and gory fantasies.  He desperately tries to get ahold of physician Leo, who was also a part of the study, but he seems to have cut ties with everyone he knew. It is clear that something done at the medical research clinic has caused intense cannibalistic desires by some trouble-every-day-2001-01-vincent galloof those involved.   The physician Leo is now trying to take care of a woman who has been completely consumed by her cannibalism. The woman, Core (Beatrice Dalle), is frequently taken over by her urges and it seems that men are almost unnaturally drawn to her.  Shane is beginning to have these same urges that Core has and he is desperate to prevent himself from giving in. Unfortunately, there is to be no way to stop this sexualized hunger for human flesh.

claire denis trouble every dayTrouble Every Day is an intensely dark and moody horror film. The way that cannibalism is shown to be a very sexually driven desire is extremely disturbing.  In many other cannibal horror films, this aspect of cannibalism is not as forthright. Director and writer, Claire Denis’ film portrays the two as indistinguishable which brings a whole new level of fear to this theme. Surprisingly, there are really only two graphic scenes of cannibalism in the film. However, these two scenes are extremely graphic and disturbingly realistic. Seeing how much the characters enjoy eating another human is so grotesque. Some have critiqued this film as being ‘slow’ but I find the pace of the film and the moderately scanty amount of dialogue to be quite fitting. This allows the viewer to really take in the atmosphere and mood visually. The smaller amount of dialogue forces the audience to interpret what the characters are feeling and thinking at times, really putting the viewers into the character’s shoes.  The answer and explanation to what happened at the clinic and why these people are now cannibals is not handed to the audience.  I always like these types of films because it allows you to really use your imagination to interpret the film as you want. tumblr_m4tbuxQjyS1ro73ufo1_500Beatrice Dalle who plays Core is by far the most terrifying female actress in my opinion. Just looking at her picture on the cover of the film gives me the creeps. (If you have seen Inside then you completely understand my feelings as she plays a diabolical and chilling villain again).  Nobody else could have portrayed this female cannibal as well as Dalle. It is overwhelmingly believable and frightfully natural to see. The film would not be what it is without her portrayal of Core.  I completely love this film and find it to be sui generis and mentally penetrating. A definite recommendation to all.

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