The Voices (2014)

Jerry is crazy. Not “ex-boyfriend” crazy, but certifiably, bat-shit crazy. He has stopped taking his meds, much to the chagrin of his psychiatrist, and has started hearing voices that manifests through his subconscious as his cat and dog talking to him. Bosco, the dog, is like the good angel on Jerry’s shoulder and Mr. Whiskers, the cat, is like the bad devil on his other shoulder, arguing back and forth, capturing the inner turmoil of a sick human being. It may seem like a light-hearted comedy on the surface, but underneath is something much darker and perplexing. If David Lynch made a comedy, it would look something like this candy-coated nightmare.

"THE VOICES", 2014

Ryan Reynolds is actually quite spectacular in the role of Jerry, along with the voices of Mr. Whiskers, Bosco, the deer, and more. Reynolds is unpredictably convincing at playing this crazy, high strung, socially awkward character. Every day is a “Manic Monday” for Jerry, but all the girls in accounting interpret this quirkiness as sexy and mysterious. When Jerry “accidently” kills the office hottie Fiona while on a date, he must deal with the complexities of loving the feeling even though he knows it is wrong. It is bloody and exciting. Can he control the voices or will he do it again?

the voices ryan reynoldsThere is something very intriguing and contradictory about Jerry’s character. He kind of reminds me of Norman Bates from Psycho with his naivety about murder and multiple personalities. It is one of those movies where you don’t know who to root for; even though Jerry is a murderer, he is hard to hate. He teeters on the line between good and evil, unfortunately this line gets severely crossed. When Jerry takes his pills he sees the world as it is, instead of the fantasy world that audience experiences throughout the film. Birds chirping, sun shining, butterflies fluttering. It’s an interesting concept to see these two worlds collide.

Reynolds carries this character-driven film effortlessly. The imagination and humor depicted through talking animals (and a decapitated, talking head) show a thought-provoking portrayal of mental illness. While the preview highlights the hilarity of the subject, the actual film shows a surprisingly disturbing look into the mind of madness. It is awesomely bizarre. The dancing, choreographed credits is only icing on the cake. the voices gif

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