The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)

The Taking of Deborah Logan posterIt’s Sunday morning, five days before Halloween. I’ve gotten all my errands done and plan on a lazy day for the rest of the day. What’s a girl to do? Let me rephrase that. What’s a horror-loving, Halloween-obsessed girl to do? Movie marathon of course! Not that I haven’t been doing that a lot this month, but I wanted this to be random compared to my Friday the 13th marathon I did last weekend. So today I am picking Housebound (2014), The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014), and Popcorn (1991). Random enough?

The Taking of Deborah Logan was suggested to me by my sister, Missy. She is also a huge horror fan, but tends to be pickier than I am. Take Popcorn (1991) for instance- I know she would hate this cheesy 90’s horror flick while I found it very entertaining. (Review to come.) SO when she recommended this FOUND-FOOTAGE film (ugh!!) I was quite surprised.The Taking of Deborah Logan GIF eating head

On 10/12/13, “medical student Mia Hu and her documentary crew travel to Exuma, Virginia to meet with Alzheimer’s patient Deborah Logan and her daughter Sarah.” Mia is doing her thesis on Alzheimer’s and wants to document Deborah over a span of 2 months by living in their home. Deborah reluctantly agrees to this project because she and Sarah need the money.

I immediately liked all the characters, especially the daughter, Sarah. Her character is fresh and unique as a lesbian taking care of her ailing mother. The actress Anne Ramsay has been around for a long time but this will certainly be one of her most memorable roles of her career in my opinion. Deborah is played by Jill Larson, a 67 year old soap opera darling. Her physical acting in this film is quite daring and her physical transformation is very creepy and scary. She immediately makes me think of the scary bathtub lady in The Shining and Deborah Logan is the scariest old lady since then!

Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects the entire family and Mia’s footage certainly shows that. Daily activities are compromised, and hallucinations, mood swings, and anger are common. There is no cure but Deborah is a brave fighter. Deborah becomes a harm to herself and others as the disease progresses at an unnaturally fast pace. Doctors perform a number of tests to attempt to explain the anomalies in Deborah’s condition to no avail. The cameraman is first to notice unnatural behavior that seems logically impossible. As her disease, or so we think, progresses, all hell breaks loose.

The second half of the film takes a MAJOR twist as we realize Deborah dangerous behavior is coming from something otherworldly. But this is NOT your average possession/exorcism film. The secondary story is so engrossing and a complete surprise. The idea of a fine line between possession and a degenerative disease is an exceptional and much needed new perspective on the genre. I may even be so bold to say that this film will go in my favorites for the year. Don’t let the found-footage film deter you. Make this your next watch since it is available on Netflix now. But a warning, if you are afraid of snakes you won’t fair well during this film!

I also want to give a shout out to the very talented director, Adam Robitel (@AdamRobitel), for tweeting my review!!


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  1. My daughter and I watched this last night and it was surprisingly good, I thought it was a real documentary, and my dreams woke me to coughing and gagging thinking I was throwing up dirt and worms. Have to laugh with the cast of Opal from All My Children as Deborah, I kept wondering if she was still alive or not. Lots of scary scene’s but not fake, I jumped out of my skin at least twice.

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