The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears (2013)

TheStrangeColorOfYourBodysTears_BannerThis movie is meant to be watched for the sensual and surreal visual experience rather than trying to understand what it means. Much like a piece of art, it can have many interpretations. And perhaps, maybe it is not meant to be fully understood. Some may view this film’s lack of story as frustrating or aimless, others will revel in its sexy, enchanting, and frightening glory.

strangecolour3As you can imagine, it’s hard to say what this foreign film is about. It starts off with Dan returning home to his Parisian apartment to find his wife missing. The detective on the case is of no use since there is no evidence of foul play, but Dan has a sinking feeling that something awful has happened to his wife and thus begins a strange, hallucinatory journey through and IN the walls of this peculiar apartment complex.

Watching this film is like experiencing Delicatessen (1991), Taxidermia (2006), The Doom Generation (1995- yeah! That’s where my blog name comes from), Enter the Void (2009), The Holy Mountain (1973), Eraserhead (1977), and Next Door (2005). These films mentioned in no way have relating plots but you can see what kind of picture I am trying to paint here: one that is vivid in color, psychedelic in imagery, unique in plot, and symbolic in meaning. Films that make you say, WTF.

maxresdefaultDan encounters a variety of bizarre characters in the apartment, including a witchy woman with a strange story about her own missing spouse; a naked woman smoking a cigarette on the rooftop; a sex-crazed photographer stalker; and a woman veiled in red. What these bizarre characters have in common is hard to say until the end; even then the meaning is indistinct, but engrossing nonetheless with its assault on the senses.

Since The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears is essentially a feast for the eyes, color is obviously an important aspect of the filming process, like Gregg Araki meets David Lynch. Red is a vibrant primary color that purposely stands out from the rest, even in dark scenes. The red, veiled woman and the red door hold many dark and sensual secrets that Dan is soon to discover. There is even a black and white sequence (think of the ninja scene in Kill Bill) that is personally my favorite part that freaked me out even though it was a little hard to understand. Essentially there is a shadowed man in a black hat that chases a woman through the wallpaper. He is her nightmare man; one that she fears and can’t resist.

C_strangecolor_tears-redeyestopThis is a beautifully haunting film but may be a little ambitious with enigmatic artistry. I wish it focused on a more linear and comprehensive storyline, but it is so worth the watch because I can promise you have never seen a film like this. I would call this film ‘The Shining of apartment complexes’. It takes horror aspects and focuses on freakish fetish tendencies. Take the 5 second bear blow job scene from The Shining and stretch it into 102 minutes and you have The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears. Just watch the preview and you will get a feel for this artsy movie.

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