The Perfect Host (2010)

You can’t kill me. I’m having a dinner party.

the perfect host posterIt’s so hard to think of actor, David Hyde Pierce, playing any role except that of the snooty, strangely feminine Dr. Niles Crane on the 90’s sitcom, Frasier. Having played that role for nearly ten years, it is hard to imagine him as a diabolical lunatic. But bizarrely enough, Pierce is spot on as a crazy and dangerous man.

The film begins with hardened criminal, John, seeking refuge after robbing a bank.  His unsuspecting target is Warwick (played by Pierce), a slight man who is wealthy, sophisticated, and quirky. Warwick lets John into his home with a convincing fabricated story. Poor, Warwick. He is just trying to be a good host. He doesn’t deserve having this man invade his home.

The-Perfect-Host-STILL-02Warwick just happens to be planning a dinner party and he invites John to stay. As the hour approaches, John realizes that his host may not be what he assumed. Oh how the tables do turn, Hard Candy style. Except this one is full of dark humor compared to the unrelenting tension and shock in Hard Candy. Warwick’s dinner guests are imaginary friends, who wholly come to life in Warwick’s mind, all the while with John watching in amusement and fright. This eccentric, flighty man may be capable of murder and would probably enjoy it too since he is so darn creepy and unexpected.

The-Perfect-HostWithout David Hyde Pierce playing Warwick, this film wouldn’t have garnered the success it has earned. Having vague similarities to Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, they both are perceived as normal human beings to the outside world. I can’t imagine anyone else playing the role of Warwick. Even though the film is on the verge of being mediocre, the unique plot gives it a few extra points bumping it up a notch. This is a fun, light-hearted dark comedy, so don’t expect much gore but do expect a few good laughs.

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