The Pact (2012)

the pact gifI was pleasantly surprised by this film despite the slow beginning and the fact that this is a very low budget film. The slow pace could be debut director Nicholas McCarthy’s tension-building technique. This is to be determined since I have nothing else to compare it to. Something about this movie reminds me of The House of the Devil. Not the stories per se, but the ability of these directors to create an atmosphere that makes your hair stand on end. There is plenty of intrigue and creepiness without the use of gore or overworked violence with a story that is unique enough to stand on its own.

the pact gifMain character Annie arrives at her late mother’s house for her funeral. She tries to convince her sister to come to the funeral as well but has trouble convincing her due to a volatile past with their mother. When the sister and cousin go missing, Annie begins witnessing strange, supernatural occurrences in the middle of the night, as if someone or something is there with her. Some of these instances are creepy but nothing that we haven’t seen before in ghost tales. The momentum picks up in the second half of the film as the plot unfolds and the mystery is revealed. Annie, along with the help of Detective Greek, discovers a hidden room in the house she grew up in. She never knew of its existence, which would be rather unnerving. And to make matters worse, it looks as if it was once lived in. I don’t want to give too much away, but the story takes a 180 turn from a supernatural presence to a very real and existing threat.

the pact gifThere may be a few plot holes and questions unanswered in this film, but I don’t mind. I take it for what it is- a low budget film with the ability to instill fear. I try to put myself in Annie’s shoes – the discoveries she makes, redefining everything she knew of her childhood, learning of “the pact”, and finally confronting evil face to face with quite an eerie and exploding climax. This movie chilled me to the bone, very unexpectedly. And I’m glad it did.

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