The Pact 2 (2014)

pact2bannerI initially had very low expectations for this sequel since it was put together by a completely different crew from the first film, The Pact (<< check out my review). Nicolas McCarthy wrote and directed the first film and The Pact 2 is by two relatively unknown directors (Dallas Richard Hallam and Patrick Horvath), which automatically makes me skeptical. With this knowledge, I was worried this would end up being a piggy-back film, hoping for notoriety just by the attached name. Luckily, my expectations were debunked because this is a REAL sequel. With the integrity of the first film intact, the second one picks up right were The Pact left off.

the pact 2 june & annieAnnie (Caity Lotz), the main character from the first film is back for a reprise. This is a good thing since she gave an authentic and solid performance at the outset. If you haven’t seen the first film, you can still watch this one but I wouldn’t recommend it since you need some knowledge from the original. The Pact 2 is about copycat murders matching the Judas Killer murders. June (Camilla Luddington), a new character to the sequel, discovers she has a biological mother who was killed by the Judas Killer many years ago. FBI agent Ballard (Patrick Fischler) informs June that she may be in danger with the recent copycat kills. June then contacts survivor Annie to warn her she could be a target as well.

the pact 2 gifEven though the original can be quite slow and drawn out at parts, nothing can beat the twisted reveal. But can this one? I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I mean, it is practically impossible to match the unnerving and exploding climax of the original.  The Pact 2’s ending is predicable but it is still a solid sequel that delivers on eerie atmosphere. Creepy music can make or break a film, and the music here really adds something special. I probably won’t be giving this one a repeat watch, but it is still worth it if you are a fan of the first film.

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