The House of Yes (1997)

the house of yes poster 1997I’ve been on a dark-comedy kick lately. Check out my review I did last week on Happiness, which covers just about every taboo topic except for one: incest. So let me just dive right in and say that’s what The House of Yes is about. Horror is obviously my favorite genre but I love weird movies like this that just ooze darkness, uneasiness, and comedy.

Actress Parker Posey steals the show with her theatrical performance as a neurotic, mentally-unbalanced, maturity-stunted woman. Jackie lives at home with her mother and brother (Freddie Prinze Jr.) and anxiously awaits the visit of her twin brother, Marty (Josh Hamilton). Jackie is alarmed when Marty brings home a special guest, his fiancé (Tori Spelling), and has immediate jealousy and contempt for this stranger who is stealing her brother’s affection.

parker posey the house of yes gifWith all the innuendoes thrown around, it’s obvious from the start what the big secret is… Incest! Shh! But is Jackie to be believed? She is obsessive and possessive and Marty seems so normal. Incest is bad enough, especially between brother and sister, but twins?!? That takes it to an all new level. Things get weird… real weird… when the twins relive their teenage titular performance.

the house of yes 1997The whole movie takes place in one night in the big mansion where dark secrets are revealed. Think of a dark-comedy version of The Celebration (1998). The real highlight though is the cast. A cast full of 90’s pop culture icons playing roles outside of their comfort zone is the ultimate recipe for campiness. The super campy vibe can be misconstrued as cheesiness, but the dark subject matter brings it back to something more serious. The House of Yes is a fierce farce and fun from beginning to end. This crazy family will capture your heart and revolt you, all at once, injecting humor and pathos into every scene.

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