The Hills Run Red (2009)

the hills run red gifThis is one of those films that garnered a lot of attention and fans over the past few years it has been out. Why this wasn’t popular or in theaters when it came out baffles me. It is a well-executed horror film and follows all the traditional rules of a horror film.

“In 1982, controversial film director Wilson Wyler Concannon released his only film, The Hills Run Red. Because of its graphic depiction of sadism and murder the film was quickly pulled from theaters. All known prints vanished and no cast member was ever found. Over the years, film historians attempted to find the film, but all that remained was a crudely made trailer…
Wilson Wyler Concannon was never heard from again…”hills run red baby face gif

The opening scene is pretty gruesome with a young boy filleting the skin off his own face with scissors while a lullaby plays in the background. This is Baby Face and star of The Hills Run Red. As an adult he wears, you guessed it, a baby face mask to cover his disfigurement. If you hear his rattle, it’s already too late! A group of teens, led by Tyler, intend to find a copy of this obscure horror film. They are filming a documentary on the legend, but lucky for us, they don’t overuse the found-footage angle too often. And even when it is used, it’s a clear steady picture that is not offensive.

sopie monk hills run zredThe group finds Alexa Concannon, stripper and daughter of the elusive director, to help them on their journey. Tyler’s girlfriend is threatened by this blonde bombshell (as she should be), but they all agree to take a road trip to uncover the mystery at the secluded cabin in the woods where The Hills Run Red was filmed. Honestly, I would go along the search with these horror fans as well. I like a plot that I can relate to and cheer for. I, myself, have paid a pretty penny for obscure films like Begotten, Nekromantik and Nowhere. So I understand the intrigue.

The second half of the film is your typical ‘being chased through the woods by the bad guy’ and not too hard to figure out; and like most horror films, this one has a lot of T & A. Like, a lot. I can see why this is Unrated. Even though this is all standard fair, I still think Baby Face is one of the best and creepiest nouveau villains. A lot of inspiration is drawn from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, with elements of a lumbering dim-witted villain and an incestuous backwoods family.hills run red kill scene gif

Even though it is pretty predictable, there are a few good surprises and LOTS of bloody gore. This one is much better than your standard run-of-the-mill slasher flick, with some interesting kills, evolving plot, and scary villain (or villains I should say). This is one of those movies that every horror fan should have in their collection.

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