The Corpse of Anna Fritz (2015)

bde128009fI recently had the pleasure of seeing an advanced viewing of The Corpse of Anna Fritz, a controversial Spanish horror film from the studio who brought us the most disturbing modern film, A Serbian Film. Though it is unfair to compare these two films because they are so different, I think it is important to mention because The Corpse of Anna Fritz, while full of taboo subjects, definitely does not compare to A Serbian Film as far as violence and gore. In fact, The Corpse of Anna Fritz has very little gore. But what it lacks in bloody violence, it rivals some of the top disturbing films with its themes of rape and necrophilia.

download-1Anna Fritz is a beautiful, A-list celebrity, whose sudden and unexpected death spurs shock across the world. Everyone is dying to know what caused her untimely death when Anna’s body is brought to the local morgue to prepare for autopsy. Hospital orderly, Pau, has a front row seat to the action, even bringing his salacious and horny bro friends along for the ride. Pau sneaks his friends into the morgue late at night to view the corpse before heading out for a night of partying. Even in death, she remains such a stunning beauty that Pau and his friends cannot contain their carnal urges.

According to the film, necrophilia happens a lot in hospitals. I don’t know how true this statement is, but if it is true, that is utterly sick! We have even seen it in mainstream films like Kill Bill (2003) and more obscure films like Deadgirl (2009), Nightwatch (1997) and Aftermath (1994). Hospitals and morgues are creepy enough on their own and this setting instantly captures the despairing nature of this bleak and brutal film.vGQ6l0MFYi

“Half of Spain would do Anna Fritz. And here we have her. Naked.”

Morals go completely out the window as this horrific trio takes turns… well, you can guess what comes next. The following scenes are really hard to swallow with some insanely graphic imagery to boot. But wait! The plot becomes even more hellish when Anna wakes up! (This is not a spoiler because it is in the trailer.) Even if you think you know what to expect next- prepare to be surprised.

13The Corpse of Anna Fritz is fast-paced, thrilling, with multiple twists that are hard to see coming. This is why I love Spanish films. They are always filled with so much drama, surprise, and intrigue! While there are some glaring plot issues and inconsistencies in the story, it is forgivable and can be ignored with the exhilarating pace. We often see recycled stories in horror films but this is a true original, guaranteed to please horror hounds.

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  1. So creepy! Might’ve skipped this one because of the necrophilia aspect but your comments about the plot twists make it sound too fascinating to skip. Thanks for your input!

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