The Babadook (2014)

Review by: Missy

the babadook posterWhen I first saw the preview for The Babadook, I was honestly a bit skeptical. I was afraid it would be another version of the god awful Boogeyman (Barry Watson…shoot me) or Darkness Falls. Luckily, I was completely incorrect in my assumption. The Babadook scared the sh*t out of me! The visualizations are completely terrifying and the plot is extremely thought provoking. Killer combo in my book!

babadook reading bookThe movie begins with a mother and son asleep in their home. The son, Samuel, has a nightmare and the mother, Claire, goes to comfort him. We quickly learn that Claire and Samuel have an odd relationship and that Samuel is completely desperate for his mother’s attention. At the start of the film there is even a moment of creepy and almost incestuous interaction between the two. Claire seems more than a little worn down and overwhelmed with being a single parent. Claire’s husband was killed in a car crash on the way to the hospital when Samuel was born. Clearly, this causes some deep seeded issues for both Claire and Samuel. Samuel finds The Babadook book on his shelf and has his mother read it to him. He is terrified and sobs after she reads it. He cannot get over the monster and keeps blaming things on The Babadook.

babadook gifSamuel’s atrocious behavioral problems heighten and he is taken out of school. This is when Claire seems to completely lose the small amount of control and sanity she had left.  Claire starts to see The Babadook and other horrible images. Even after burning the book, a new version appears on the front porch that now shows a mother figure in front of The Babadook, killing her dog, child, and in the end herself. Is this new version a prediction of what is to come? Let’s just say, shit gets real.

babadook gifI enjoyed this movie so much! It is truly terrifying. Being an adult has its perks and I’m glad I’m not a young child seeing this for the first time because I would never be able to sleep again. I usually can’t stand most child actors in horror movies, but Noah Wiseman who plays Samuel is just lovable enough to make up for his character’s extremely irritating behavior. Just to be clear, the character Samuel is supposed to be irritating to show how much his emotional neglect has affected his behavior. I just know that if cast badly, this could have easily ruined the film. The story is a really fresh take on this type of horror film that seems to have been done many times. The line between what is real and what is imagined is completely blurred. The ending is awesome and leaves the viewer still somewhat guessing. I obviously don’t want to spoil it, so I won’t explain my theory but once the movie is released we may do an updated Spoiler review. The movies is released in theaters November 28th. You have to go see this movie! My only regret is not seeing it for the first time in theatres because I know it will only heighten the terrifying experience.

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