Summer of Blood (2014)

summer_of_bloodSummer of Blood, or S. O. B., is the perfect title for this film. Because that is what main character Erik is: a vampiric, son-of-a-bitch. This movie is funny from the get-go, with dark humor that is both cynical and snarky.

Erik is the antithesis of the ideal man. Short, overweight, hairy, and with no filter, this talkative Turkish man is bad at relationships and bad at his job. Basically, he just needs to get his shit together.  To top it off, he gets turned into a vampire shortly after losing his job and being dumped by his (out-of-his-league) girlfriend.

summer_of_bloodNew York City is really the perfect place to be a vampire. On the streets of NYC, there is no shortage of people, and encountering “freaks” is just part of a normal day. After Erik is turned, he definitely gets “the eye” from bystanders but mostly he is just left to his own devices. He is free to roam the dingy alleys and it is actually to his advantage now that he is single. Online dating provides a lot potential victims and women who once scoffed at him, now can’t get enough of him in the sac. This lothario is racking up the chicks and is exponentially increasing the vampire population with his philandering ways.

For all the sex this guy is having, Summer of Blood is surprisingly not a sexually graphic film and really doesn’t display any nudity (unless you count Erik’s hairy ass). I also want to be clear that this is a comedy first and a horror movie second. To me, it really isn’t a horror movie at all but I guess since it is about vampires you can categorize it as so.

Summer-of-BloodOnur Tukel writes, directs, and stars in this absurd comedy. He is not a face you see often, but you may remember him from Septien (2011), a puzzling southern gothic tale that has the same kind of brooding and angst-driven humor that is in S. O. B. I prefer Septien, if you want to compare the two.

The highlight is definitely the witty dialogue and sarcastic characters with some memorable lines like, “You been doing bath salts or something?” and scenes of Erik and his maker discussing weather while sucking blood. It’s an entertaining movie at best, but Erik didn’t seduce me like he did some of his other victims. However, don’t rule it out because this would be a good film for a night that you want to watch something light and fun. Perhaps it could even be a good way for non-horror fans to get their feet wet.

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