Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

silent night deadly night posterYou’ve made it through Halloween, now try to survive Christmas!

Well, we have made it to the end of the year. I started this blog 15 months ago and my goal was to reach 100 reviews by the end of this year. I’ve hit my goal (and then some) with this review being # 116! I’m ending the year with this holiday review of Silent Night, Deadly Night. Ideally, I would have liked this review to be up before Christmas but we all know how hectic and busy this time of year gets. It is still the holiday season, so this film is still applicable. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to end their year watching slasher Santa?? Ok, a lot of people don’t  but if you are reading this you probably aren’t a part of that lot.

I know a lot of horror lovers who are BIG fans of this film. Oddly enough, this is the first time I have seen this movie so this review is coming from a fresh perspective instead of someone who has been a longtime devotee. As a first timer, I can say that this film definitely lives up to its reputation of being a raunchy, cheesy slasher with a gratuitous amount of boob shots. When you readily choose to watch a movie like this, that’s probably a good thing.

silent night deadly night scenesThe film begins with little Billy witnessing the gruesome murder of his mother and father by a Santa-suit-wearing rogue. He and his infant brother are therein raised as orphans by nuns and the sadistic Mother Superior. Orphan Billy (who has a sweet mullet I might add) is plagued by nightmares and grows to associate sex with naughtiness that deserves punishment. When Billy turns 18, he gets a job at a toy store during the busy holiday season and his boss asks him to dress up as Santa Claus. This pushes Billy’s anxiety over the edge. Witnessing murder compounded with being raised by merciless nuns turns Billy into a crazed maniac! Have you been naughty or nice?? You better run for your life if you see this Santa coming.  If he declares you “naughty” it is already too late.

silent night deadly night gifThe death scenes are grisly and remind me of death scenes from 1970 Italian giallo films with the shock of bright red blood. Billy hangs his victims by Christmas lights, disembowels them, clobbers them with hammers, and pierces them with arrows. Every death scene is unique and dramatically over-the-top. The uncut version has some editing flaws but it is so worth it for the extra blood and extended death scenes. If you have the option, watch the uncut version.

This movie loves boobs and even features the boobs of Linnea Quigley, who we know is no stranger to nudity in Night of the Demons. Every other scene is a sex scene which is perfect ammunition for Billy’s victim selecting. Horror movie rule no 1: don’t have sex. If you have sex, you die. That’s horror movie common sense and this film plays strictly to the rules. Silent Night, Deadly Night is epically 80’s and definitely plays up the angle of sleazy, scandalous, slaughter-fest. This film easily slides into my top ten holiday horror films.

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