Sightseers (2013)

sightseers bannerI couldn’t wait for this film to be released in the US from British director, Ben Wheatley. I was blown away by his 2011 film, Kill List. A side note: My sister saw Kill List and purchased it for me for my birthday a year ago. I can’t thank her enough for introducing me to this up-and-coming director. He has been knocking it out of the park and this one is no exception.

If you have seen Kill List, you know it is a sick and twisted film. Honestly, I think it not far behind A Serbian Film when it comes to shock factor. Sightseers, on the other hand, is a lighter film, but still holds on to Ben Wheatley’s style of dark storytelling with complex and interesting characters.

We are introduced to Tina, a 34 year-old woman living with her needy and worrisome mother. And then there is Chris, a man who is actually interested in Tina. Against Tina’s mother’s wishes, these two utterly average people decide to go on holiday for a week in a caravan.

sightseers tina and chrisIf you were to watch this film without knowing anything about the director, you would be completely caught off guard with how this film develops. I am starting to notice this similarity in his films. He definitely aims to shock. What starts out as a happy-go-lucky road trip turns into a Bonnie and Clyde mass murder spree. Surprising, right?

This movie takes what could have easily been an uninspired plot and turns it on its head. The simplicity and absurdity in the reasoning of these two murders is so irrational and illogical that you have to laugh. And that is the point. I think this movie should be considered a comedy first, and a horror movie second. It’s amazing that Ben Wheatley can create such diverse films while still staying true to himself.

It all starts when the deadly duo ‘accidently’ run over a repeat offender litterer (yes, that’s right). But they don’t feel too bad about it. It actually feels pretty good. Then another accident happens, and another. Tina uncovers the truth about her new boyfriend and realizes this is turning out to be the road trip from hell! But wait… what’s a girl to do when she has finally found Mr. Right? Well, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

Sightseers poppy“By reducing people’s lifespans you are actually reducing their emissions.  Murder is green,” according to Tina and Chris. They’re, like, doing the right thing. But they start getting messy and authorities start looking for the ginger-faced man and his angry woman. They decide to extend their trip indefinitely. Hopefully they get to ride off into the sunset with ‘Tainted Love’ playing in the background. But you will just have to see for yourself.

This is some head-bashing fun without being over the top; totally genius and original while remaining believable. I am in love with this quirky and unique horror movie and I am bursting with excitement to see what Ben Wheatley does next.

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