Scream Park (2013)

scream park doug bradleyOk, this is going to be a short review because there honestly isn’t much to say about this terrible movie. I hate bashing movies and always try to find the good in the bad, but this one has no redeeming factors. This film actually started off as a KickStarter project, raking in a measly budget of $40k. I am all for indie artists, but this is a wasteful effort and the lack of money definitely shows.

scream park gifI picked up this film on a whim when I saw it on display at Best Buy of all places. I was surprised they had a prominent display of a horror movie that I knew nothing about. The cover intrigued me right away. Once I got home and popped in the DVD my first impression was, “Wow. This is REALLY low budget.” This is a fact that I can look past if there is good acting and an interesting plot, but right away I was turned off by the stupid dialogue and abysmal acting.

A bunch of teens working at a rundown amusement park decide to party on the job since it is their last night. The park is closing down for good due to lack of patronage. The teens get killed off one by one and, um, that’s the extent of the plot.

Besides the shoddy plot, there is a list of things that bothered me.

  1. There is a haunted house attraction at the park where the workers dress up in bloody costume… the funny thing is, the parts that are supposed to be real death scenes look exactly the same as the “fake” dead teens.
  2. The manager says he has been working there for 15 years yet he doesn’t look a day over 20. I’m pretty sure he even says, “I would kill to have the park stay open a little longer.” Come on now.
  3. Towards the end of the film they tell us how the owner wants people killed to attract people back to the park. If you read any description of the movie (including the back of the box), it states this fact as the main plot, yet in the film it is supposed to be a surprise. What a mistake. And why would they think murders attract people instead of driving them away?

scream-park-rgiffI don’t know where the money went in the film because it certainly wasn’t on the actors and now we know it wasn’t for the special effects either. Maybe the money was spent getting it on the shelves of Best Buy. I’m really sad that I own an actual hard copy of this film. I’m seriously tempted the throw the damn thing in the trash.

Don’t watch this. The End.

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