Scorned (2013)

scorned posterHell hath no fury like a woman scorned!!

And in this case, unfortunately, the AUDIENCE is the victim.

I usually love AnnaLynne McCord, especially after seeing her extreme transformation in Excision– a movie that has been sneaking its way up my favorite modern horror movies list. Check out my review for it here. McCord was so convincing and down-right creepy in that role, so I was looking forward to see her play the ‘bad girl’ role again in Scorned.

Scorned is about the strange love triangle between Sadie (McCord), her boyfriend Kevin (Billy Zane), and best friend Jennifer (Viva Bianca). Sadie is a loose cannon and is on a lot of medication. She has had some sort of traumatic childhood experience that we get snippets of and will later be revealed in the film.
When she meets Kevin, she believes he is the answer to all her problems. Sadie is set on marrying him, even after only six months of dating. Her best friend, Jennifer, hints that this isn’t a good idea. Why? Because Jennifer is f*cking Kevin. SCORNED 2013 annalynne mccordWhen Sadie finds out about this indiscretion, she knocks out Kevin, ties him up, and begins to teach him a valuable lesson. She even lures Jennifer into coming over to join the twisted games.
First off, AnnaLynne McCord completely disappoints with her AWFUL hick accent and fake pink and purple highlights in her hair. The southern twang is so distracting and misplaced that it completely takes away from her mentally insane character. Second, Billy Zane just seems way too old to be playing the role as the man coming between these two chicks. I should have known this was going to be terrible since director/writer Mark Jones is also responsible for the cheesy horror-comedy franchise, Leprechaun.

scorned 2013To make this tired and recycled plot even worse, they bring an escaped convict into the picture. When will the torture end?? Speaking of torture, that’s what I thought Sadie was going to be doing to Kevin and Jennifer. Sadie talks about Misery being her favorite movie and her imitation of Kathy Bates’ famous hobbling scene is a complete letdown. Instead, the torture scenes are tamer than a Lifetime movie. Don’t waste your time on this one!

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