Red Velvet (2008)

red velvet horror movieRed Velvet is an Amazon exclusive release film. (See info below.) I recently stumbled upon it and saw that it stars Kelli Garner (Lars and the Real Girl, Horns, Love Liza), who I think is a unique talent and not to mention, quite beautiful. I’m always searching for obscure horror films and this one seems to hit the mark.

Red Velvet is a horror/comedy film with a distinct point of view. Grouchy Aaron and friendly Linda are two strangers with time to kill while waiting at the local laundromat. The two seem like polar opposites but there is an undeniable sexual friction beneath the surface. They head to a grimy Chinese restaurant nearby and end up telling each other stories, which encompasses the rest of this fun and witty film.

The storytelling is entertaining with Linda and Aaron trying to “one up” each other with each progressing tale. The stories start off creepy and captivating with a certain campy vibe. It feels like a set up for an anthology film with Linda and Aaron as the back story, but this is NOT an anthology film. Fiction and reality begin to blur in the most amusing way as made-up characters and serial killers become real.killer red velvet 2008

I have mixed feelings about this movie. Some of the “made-up” stories I don’t care for. It’s just fun filler. Linda and Aaron are the real story. Some of the filler stories are pretty gruesome, playing up to the Hatchet-style gore. The ending is predictable but it’s a cohesive film in an unconventional way.

I can’t compare this movie to anything because I’ve never seen a movie like this. And for that, I give the film major credit. But while it is completely original, it also somehow feels very cliché. Cliché doesn’t mean it’s not creepy though and the humor in this film makes it work. It pokes fun at typical horror movies but ends up being one itself. Red Velvet hits the nail on the head with cheesy and warped ridiculousness. If you’re looking for a lively horror film, Red Velvet is your fun, funny, and inventive pick.

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