Pizza (2012)

Pizza-Movie 2012 posterI believe this is the first, and only, horror film I have seen from India. I found this movie to rent on Amazon Instant Video (link below) a few months back and decided to give it a shot since the trailer seemed intriguing. From my brief research of Hindi horror films, it doesn’t seem like they are highly rated. At the time of my writing this review, Pizza has an IMDb rating of 8.1, which is very high for a horror film – any film, in fact. The subtitle translations are not great, but I was able to quickly look past this error by the unlikely and creepy atmosphere this film was able to produce.

pizza 2012 movieThe film opens with Anu watching a paranormal show on TV. She is doing research, specifically on ghosts, for a horror novel she is writing. Michael, her boyfriend, doesn’t believe in ghosts. Anu tells him his time will come and soon he will believe. This foreshadowing sets up the rest of the plot. We also learn that Anu is pregnant, yet Michael does not feel ready to be a father on his salary as a pizza delivery guy (hence, the title). While delivering a pizza to an affluent house, the lights go out while Michael waits inside the home for change. This normal situation turns spooky and otherworldly when Michael finds the homeowner stabbed/killed and no way to get out the house, all exits being locked. Either someone is playing mind tricks on Michael or there is a ghost in the house.

pizza indian horror movieDuring the first half of the film, I thought about other haunted house/ ghost films that I could compare Pizza to like The Others (2001), The Changeling (1980), Silent House (2011) and The Innkeepers (2011). But what starts out as a typical ghost story turns into something much more elaborate and interesting. If you can get past the bad editing, terrible subtitles, and the occasional ‘no smoking’ sign that pops in the corner of the screen every 20 minutes, you will be fine. Just as I was about to get really annoyed with these flaws, the film takes a 180 and surprisingly turns into a crime thriller. Pizza is more about whether ghosts are real or not; it’s about secrets, betrayal, and greed. I won’t give anything away here but it is totally worth the watch despite its imperfections. This film was actually remade in 2014, under the same name, which looks better in production and effects. I’m not sure if the remake follows this exact story line but I’d be willing to bet the remake is better.

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