Pin (1988)

pin 1988 movie posterIt is so fun to review movies like Pin – movies that are so weird and absurd, that push the boundaries of campiness. This kind of movie is NOT to be taken seriously. If watched in a serious manner, this movie would be called terrible by most viewers. For those of you who love campy horror, this is one rare film you have to see. How rare is this movie? Well, it only has 51 member rating on IMDb. I don’t think you can find this streaming online anywhere but it is relatively easy to purchase a hardcopy from Amazon.

Pin is a life-size anatomically-correct dummy. He is a member of the Linden family. Dr. Linden uses Pin to educate his patients and his children (Leon and Ursula) about the human body and other life lessons. Leon forms an unnatural bond with Pin, holding weird conversations with him when he is alone. As the children develop into teens, they begin to grow apart. While Ursula is experimenting with the opposite sex, Leon becomes more and more “straight-laced” like his strict parents, with only his friend Pin to confide in. When an unexpected incident occurs, Leon’s obsession with control brings his madness and fantasy world to new heights.PIN movie

Leon is actually a great, fully-developed character. He is weird and creepy and well played by David Hewlett, who has been in a number of TV shows and other low budget films like Cube and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. This character gives this b-rated film some depth with elements of fixation, mania, and perhaps schizophrenia. The idea of Leon rebelling against this cookie-cutter world he lives in reminds me of the awesome 80’s film, Society (1989). Society is a rare and extremely quirky film made right around the same time Pin was released.  Society is a MUCH better movie in my opinion, but incredibly hard to track down. It took me years to find a hard copy of this one. If you ever see it, buy it! It’s worth some money.

leon pin movie 1988While most campy horror films typically display an over-the-top amount of gore, Pin actually has very little to no gore. So I guess it is better to categorize this film as a psychological chiller. It hints at taboo subjects without being too overt or gratuitous in what is shown. One weird and memorable scene is at the beginning of the film when young Leon witnesses a nurse fornicating with Pin and is forever scarred by the incident. Not much is shown during this part, but it is disturbing just the same. Abortion and incest are mentioned and insinuated as well. I actually wish the film pushed the envelope more overall, but it still doesn’t take away the fact that this should be a cult film that deserves some more recognition.

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