Night of the Demons (1988 & 2009)

night of the demons gifA few years ago, Night of the Demons (2009) came out. I hate to admit it, but I freaking love this movie. People who don’t like horror movies blame them to be in poor taste, dawning nothing but nudity, gore, and girls running up the stairs when they should be running out the front door. This film has all the clichés found in typical horror films, the platitudes that everyone complains about. I think it is this reason that makes me love this film, an anomaly I cannot explain. The 2009 version is actually a remake of a 1988 film by the same name. Knowing this, I couldn’t wait to see the original. Finally, I bought the original on Amazon Instant Videos and I was not disappointed. This review is a comparison of the original and remake. It is in viewing the original film, that I am better able to understand the sleazy freak-show of the remake, making it that much more enjoyable.

This uber 80’s delight is totally cheesy and totally awesome.  Angela, who has the reputation of being the “weird” girl and who may be into witchcraft, is planning the ultimate Halloween party. Any horror movie based around Halloween makes it that much more enjoyable, in my opinion. The party is to be held at the old Hull house, where the entire Hull family was murdered on Halloween night years before – a perfect spot to party the night away, full of tricks and treats.

quigley night of the demonsI tried watching Vamp the other night and I just couldn’t get into it. It had a strong start but then completely lost my attention. As tacky as Night of the Demons is, I was really excited for what was to come. The party gets going – full of beer, music, testosterone, costumes and decorations. But what’s a Halloween party without a séance? A cold, foul smelling draft wafts in, seeming to be inhaled by Susanne. Susanne kisses Angela and something passes between the two girls… something demonic perhaps?

angela night of the deomns gifThe house isn’t haunted; it is possessed by pure, evil demons that have never existed in human form, much worse than ghosts of former living beings. The friends start turning into demons, one by one. The makeup is fantastic and would still be considered a success in this day and age. Amelia Kincade, who plays gothic queen Angela, puts on quite the performance and also stars in Night of the Demons 2 & 3. It gets a little repetitious towards the end, but it is still a joy to watch. Angela’s party is certainly one to remember. Check out my interview with screenwriter, Joe Austustyn.

In the remake of the film, I like the fact that it is a much bigger party in a much bigger and creepier mansion. That’s the point of a remake, right? The original is full of sex galore and is probably known for having some of the most gratuitous sex scenes in horror movie history. If possible, the remake outdoes the original with a ton of T&A – more big busted babes dressed for Halloween in an array of slut-attire. Ok, mostly dressed as cats, but still. There is one part at the beginning of the film that shows a “Susanne” look-a-like opening the door for trick-or-treaters. She is wearing the same pink tutu, bending over to reveal all, just like in the original! I definitely didn’t catch this fun little homage to the original the first time around.

night of the demons remake gifThe party gets busted and the main characters hide from the cops to keep the party going. They stumble upon the basement which harbors dead bodies- old skeletons that must be guests of the deadly party 85 years prior. One skeleton bites Angela, which everyone dismisses as not really happening. She gets the chills and goes to the bathroom. It is here that she starts “turning.” The possession passes through sexual transmission, much like in the original and also reminding me of the film Shivers (1975). Halloween is the one night of the year the demons are free to roam. The friends just need to survive until dawn. These demons are treacherous tricksters spreading depravity, wanting death and chaos; demons so bad they got cast out of hell because they couldn’t even follow Hell’s rules.

The makeup team must have had a ball designing the demons in this film. They are even more outrageous than the original. Now I totally get the iconic lipstick scene. For those of you who don’t know, I’m talking about one of the characters sticking a tube of lipstick INTO her nipple. It is nasty scene you won’t soon forget. I love that the filmmakers put this scene in the remake as well. These films could be considered an infection sub-genre film, but instead of zombie-ism its demon-ism. I highly suggest watching these films back to back if possible, for the ultimate demon-viewing experience!!

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  1. IS this the one we watched after my surgery that I didn’t remember watching due to the copious amount of drugs I was on? hahaha

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