NEKRomantik 2 (1991)

nekromantik-2-posterIf you are brave enough (or crazy enough) to watch any part of these shocking and disturbing films, it is best to watch NEKRomantik 1 & 2 back to back. The second film picks up right where the first one left off, even giving us a recap of that oh-so-lovely ending from the first film. Like I needed to be reminded of that. Thanks a lot. It only took a minute into this film for my stomach to start churning.

Necrophilia is about as taboo a topic as you can get. These films show the worst form of nekromantik 2necrophilia possible. We aren’t talking about fresh corpses. We are talking about rotting, stinking, oozing corpses. The second film is a better film as far as artistic appeal goes. It is made a few years later with a possibly bigger budget, but just barely. It’s still very low budget so don’t get your hopes up. One of my favorite scenes is when Monica places fresh bouquets of flowers near her corpse friend and they immediately wilt.

As far as the plot line, I like the first film better. In this one, Monica is trying to keep her necrophilia a secret from her new boyfriend, Mark. I’ve heard the second film is the more popular pick nekromantik 2 gifof these two, but I’d have to disagree. The second drags a lot. The plot wafts around aimlessly for a good while, showing the relationship development, but it is a little too long and listless in my opinion.  We all know why we are watching this and it is not to see a couple ride a ferris wheel and go to the zoo.

This second film’s opening sequence reminds me so much of the film, Aftermath, a short film by Spanish writer and director, Nacho Cerdà. I can’t help but think that Aftermath was inspired by NEKRomantik somehow.  If you have gotten this far watching the NEKRomantik films, you might as well do yourself a favor and find Aftermath. Aftermath is a bigger budget and highly stylized film.

nekromantik 2Monica doesn’t want Mark to find out about her “other” boyfriend so she dices up the dead body but keeps his head and penis. Yeah, that’s right. Mark starts to realize that Monica may be a little too perverse for him. They get in a fight and Monica suggests he come over so she can explain… and by explain she means… well, you will just have to see for yourself if you dare. I will give the same warning I gave for the first film: Watch at your own risk, but I DON’T suggest it.

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