NEKRomantik (1988)

nekromantik posterOk, people. Let’s get weird. I’m talking real weird. If you are someone who searches for the most extreme in horror and gore, this is your last stop. The opening warning of this film states: Some of this film may be seen as “grossly” offensive and should not be shown to minors!!! That warning is definitely accurate but it in no way prepares you for what you are about to see.

This German film by Jörg Buttgereit is the most disgusting and disturbing portrayal of necrophilia. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it is a sexual attraction to corpses. If you have sought out this film then this is one of those films where you need to look past the low-budget filming and acting. If you have sought out this film then you are probably nekromantik scenesick in the head… Kidding! I get “curiosity”; it is what led me to this film in the first place.

Robert works on a coroner’s crew, sweeping the streets clean of dead bodies to take them to the morgue. This is the perfect job for Robert because he and his girlfriend, Betty, are necrophiles. He brings home a dead body from one of his jobs and he and his girlfriend make-out while they caress this decaying carcass. This scene turns into one of the nastiest slow-motion sex scenes ever.  Please don’t ask me about it because I want to erase it from my memory so badly.

This film is in the realm with August Underground and Cannibal Holocaust. Cannibal Holocaust shows a live turtle being killed which was highly controversial when it came out. In NEKRomantik, a live rabbit is shown being slaughtered and skinned like the turtle scene in Cannibal Holocaust. nekromantik skull licking gifThe rabbit death is so much worse in my opinion. It is highly disturbing as it goes back in forth showing the little bunny being skinned to Robert prepping a dead body at the morgue.

Betty gets very upset when Robert gets fired from his job. Where are they going to get their corpses? Robert is so distraught when Betty leaves him and goes to extreme lengths to satisfy his sexual needs. He commits the ultimate experience for himself, which I won’t give away. But this “climax” is something that unfortunately won’t ever leave my mind. I almost hate that I have seen this. This sick gore fest is not for the faint of heart… well, it’s not for many people actually. Watch at your own risk.

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