Malevolence (2003)

17852498_l“Last year, over three hundred thousand children reported missing in the Unites States. Some were found, others vanished without a trace. In 1989, Martin Bristol disappeared while playing on a backyard swing in Minersville, Pennsylvania. He was six years old.”

Pretty atmospheric and frightening from the get-go, a girl is shown tied up and slaughtered while young Martin watches. It not a very bloody scene, but the effective atmosphere makes the whole thing more gritty and disturbing than it actually appears to be.

I had decent hopes for this one upon the opening of the film. I have heard a lot of people say this movie is similar to slashers like Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Friday the 13th. I had a feeling I knew where this film was leading and was hoping it would be like Jennifer Lynch’s film, Chained, instead. Malevolence has brief moments of similarity to Chained, but ultimately I was highly disappointed with this unoriginal film.malevolence

Ten years after Martin Bristol’s disappearance, the audience is introduced to a brother, sister, and the sister’s boyfriend as they plan a bank robbery. The three meet up with another man and successfully get the money. Well, almost successful. The brother gets shot and dies while the fourth man’s tire blows out. He hijacks an unsuspecting car with a mother and daughter still in it. The remaining three, now accompanied by the mother and daughter, meet at an abandoned farm house to split up the money before parting ways for good. Unfortunately, they have disturbed the hunting grounds of an unknown assailant.

malevolence-killerThe acting is definitely subpar and the lines are sometimes juvenile and cheesy for some people who just robbed a bank. But at least it’s not a bunch of sex crazed teens running around a party like typical slasher films. Unfortunately, the bank robbing is the only unique thing about this plot. The second half of the film is a bigger let down than the first- just a bunch of creeping around the house and a lot of screaming when dead bodies are found. I could have watched this movie with my eyes closed and not miss anything.

The biggest downfall for this film though is the background music. It sounds EXACTLY like the iconic Halloween music. Straight up copycatting. It is an insulting and blatant rip-off. If the filmmakers of Malevolence thought this film would have half the success of Halloween, they were absolutely crazy. Don’t waste your time on this banal and uninspired film.

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