Let Us Prey (2014)

let us prey bannerWhere do I begin with this thought-provoking, gory, and thrilling film? Let Us Prey is a sleeper hit amongst up-to-date horror fans. This fresh film does not follow any traditional horror movie formula, creating a distinctive, gothic-vibe tale marked by striking imagery and enhanced by a sweet, 80’s style soundtrack.

let us prey pollyanna mcintoshRachel (Pollyanna McIntosh from The Woman) plays a badass cop/constable in this film taking place almost entirely at a local Scottish police station. She is strong, physically and emotionally, carrying guns, knives, and a history of scars. It is a surprise to find out that this is her first night on the job and what a night it will be…

The movie opens with Rachel making her first arrest. Cesar, a habitual criminal, is taken in for a hit-and-run even though it seems that the victim has disappeared. Sergeant MacReady and patrolling cops, Jack and Jennifer, think Rachel could be imagining things until Six arrives- the likely victim of this hit-and-run. Six’s silence is resolute but his presence is frightening.

let us prey 2014I don’t want to bog you down with too many details because there are a lot of characters, each with their own unique story and background. The arrival of Six begins a night of salvation and retribution. He knows the sins and secrets of all those around him. His presence triggers memories, depicted through scenes of flashing violence and gory imagery. Is he a dark angel, the grim reaper, or the devil incarnate? The end is nigh. Come midnight, the wicked must pay for their sins. Who will survive?

The battle between good and evil is an ancient one. But Let Us Prey manages to keep the audience on their toes with great twist after great twist. Reminiscent of Malefique on acid, the high energy and intensifying violence is shocking and gruesome. (Think of the head bashing scene from Irreversible!) The ultra-violent climax will leave you begging for a sequel.

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