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kristy posterHorror movies about Thanksgiving are very rare. Literally, the only ones I can think of are Blood Freak (1972) and ThanksKilling (2009) – which can only be recommended to a particular type of horror lover, specifically Troma fans. If you aren’t into cheesy, campy, over-the-top, extreme gore, I don’t recommend these films. Luckily, we now have a modern, alternative choice: Kristy. This is exciting because I’ll use any excuse to inject holiday-themed horror films into conversation around this time of year and now you can too.ashley-greene-kristy

The opening of the film does a quick and precise job of filling us in about the origin of the name Kristy and why this name is important. The Latin origin of the name Kristy means “follower of Christ” and according to this group’s beliefs they should be hunted. It just so happens that there has been an increase of missing women all over the United States due to unknown circumstances. Who is hunting these women and why? That, we do not yet know.

Justine is a college student who decides to stay on campus for the Thanksgiving break. Her loving boyfriend and wealthy roommate go home for the holiday, leaving Justine completely alone on a nearly abandoned campus. After a strange encounter at a gas station to pick up snacks, Justine is followed back to the dorm where a gothic chick comes after her with an assembly of masked men in tow. While she runs for her life, they keep calling her Kristy despite her telling them that she is Justine.

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The girl who plays Justine (Haley Bennett) looks a lot like the chick from Fifty Shades of Grey, both in appearance and demeanor. This pure, sweet girl makes a convincing transformation when she begins to fight back. It is an active film with a lot of running and chase scenes and doesn’t rely very much on dialogue. This irritates me a bit because I enjoy engaging dialogue, but someone whose preference is a more action-y horror film won’t find this a problem. There were moments of great dialogue at the beginning of the film that ignited my interest, discussing philosopher Heisenberg and his theory that the world is inherently chaotic- a premonition for what is to come. But it ends as quickly as it begins, which left me disappointed. The lack of dialogue was surprising because this filmmaker also directed Donkey Punch (2008), a severely underrated thriller that is brimming with unexpectedly purposeful characters and chatter. Kristy, on the other hand, ends up falling in the dreaded “basic” horror movie category for me.

While this movie is technically about some sort of online, killing cult, it provides very little information about their motives- another annoyance for me. I have a weird obsession with cults (which sometimes terrifies my fiancé), so I wish the film focused on this more. Martha Marcy May Marlene, Faults, Sound of my Voice, and the mighty queen Rosemary’s Baby are all terrific films about cults, though Rosemary’s Baby is the only one that can be categorized as horror.

kristy 2014On the bright side, this film still sparks conversation as being one of the only films taking place on Thanksgiving. So this year while you are sitting around the dining room table, surrounded by family and a mouth full of turkey and mashed potatoes, you can tell all your loved ones about this killer cult movie. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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