Ilsa: SheWolf of the SS (1975)

ilsa she wolf of the ssAn extremely big-busted blonde is shown having sex with a man. Cut to- woman showering post sex. Cut to- woman dressed in her Nazi uniform telling the Jewish man she just slept with that he doesn’t have to go back to the concentration camp. Cut to- woman castrating the man. You have just stumbled upon the ultimate exploitation film of the 1970’s. And that’s just the opening sequence.

ilsa she wolf of the ssA note from the producer: “The film you are about to see is based upon documented fact. The atrocities shown were conducted as ‘medical experiments’ in special concentration camps throughout Hitler’s Third Reich….. We dedicate this film with the hope that these heinous crimes will never occur again.”

While the horrors of WWII were catastrophic, this film definitely takes many liberties to stretch the truth with a torture-porn twist. I’m pretty sure the only casting requirements for this film were appalling acting skills and nudity. It seriously plays out like a cheesy porn film since everyone is stark naked the entire film, everyone. I love that all the officers are hot chicks, too- of course these prison guards would whip the prisoners topless.
2Dyanne Thorne plays sexy shewolf SS officer Ilsa, who gained cult notoriety and made a career of similar films. She is in charge of death camp nine that conducts medical experiments. She has a theory that woman can sustain pain and suffering far superior to any man and thus should be in the front lines of duty; and performs lengthy experiments to prove so.  I literally shivered at the part when she pulls out a big black dildo with an extreme electrical charge. And so the torture experiments begin- infecting these helpless girls with deadly diseases like gangrene, syphilis, and typhus.

The level of filth in this film is astounding. This is up there in perversity with Salo: Or the 120 Days of Sodom and Caligula. Ilsa is definitely the devil in a woman’s body (almost drag queen-like), dyanne thorne gifwhich she fully uses to her advantage. The only time she is somewhat vulnerable is when she is the bedroom with the American boy, who can hold out as long as he wants which gives him endless control that nearly drives Ilsa up the wall.

There is one girl in particular that Ilsa has an interest for due to her high tolerance for pain. When this “strong” girl is caught telling her escape plans, Ilsa has hell in store for her. My boyfriend came home at this part of the movie and let’s just say it was terribly uncomfortable for all parties involved. The things they do to this girl are unspeakable. Blood-soaked, bruised and beaten strong girl (talk about the walking dead) gets her chance at the ultimate revenge though, well, almost.

ilsa she wolf of the ss gifNasty, foul and revolting- you won’t find this easily on the shelf due to its vulgar and pornographic nature. Even through Amazon it is a pretty penny. But if you are a little twisted like myself, it’s worth taking a look, out of curiosity. Ilsa is brutality, sadism, and sex walking on a stick; even leaving Hitler quivering in her wake. If you are looking for a disturbing cult film, look no further. Just try getting through the trailer, first.

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