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One of the best things about Halloween is AMC’s Fear Fest when the channel plays nothing but horror movies leading up to the best holiday of all.  So yesterday was the Friday the 13th marathon and what a marathon is it! Believe it or not, I watched them all (over 2 days, don’t judge me!) – Friday the 13th, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4: The Final Chapter, Part 5: A New Beginning, Part 6: Jason Lives, they skipped Part 7 for some reason, Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday,  Jason X, and the latest reboot of Friday the 13th from 2009. What about Freddy Vs. Jason? Shouldn’t that count?  I hope I didn’t miss A Nightmare on Elm Street marathon (even though I own the whole collection) because I prefer Freddy over Jason. Overall, I think the Freddy franchise has more creative death scenes.friday the 13th i dont always ch ch ch

I think the Friday the 13th from 2009 has gotten some undeserved flack over the years. I understand a lot of people do not like remakes, but this film is NOT a remake. It is a continuation from the original story in Part 1. It opens with kids around a campfire telling the tale about the death of Mrs. Voorhees.  They say it happened at the very campsite that they are at now (which is apparent by an old Camp Chrystal Lake sign). I’m sure you all know or can guess what happens next. After the initial disappearances of these horny teens, Clay heads to the campgrounds to find his missing sister. He meets a group of partying teens, including the pretty Jenna, at a nearby cabin and teams up with them to try to solve the mystery… or become another statistic as a teen dying at the hands of Jason Voorhees.

Beside the original and the 2009 version, all the Friday the 13th sequels are pretty much the worst movies ever. They only reason to sit through all these terrible films willingly is to bask in the presence that is Jason Voorhees and in celebration of Halloween. I was multi-tasking and was able to get through them fairly quickly. The hardest one to get through is Jason X – you know, the one where he goes to SPACE. My God, is it bad. Now, when compared to all these shitty sequels, Friday the 13th (2009) is pretty darn good.  Jason Voorhees is a household name and it finally gets the respect it deserves in a better than average follow-up. So give it some credit! It is beyond my understanding why this film doesn’t have a higher rating on IMDb. It does follow a generic horror film formula, but the acting is way above average and the death scenes are pretty sweet. I only wish they used the original hockey mask for Jason the whole time instead of trying to reinvent his image. Regardless, this is the best character version of Jason by far.

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  8. The reason I think the newest Friday the 13th is good and better then the rest lies within two key elements. The first being they got a few semi- well known actors and actresses to play the role and their acting wasn’t just I’m going ti play stupid until Jason comes to kill me. I believe they looked like they really acted and took the role seriously compared to the awful portrayal in the 80’s of teens just getting their money to get hacked to bits. Also I felt their was a more emotional and human like characteristic to Jason that you really only saw in glimpses of the originals. Jason at times seems as though he stops and listens to the characters and could be a possible breakthrough to his mind whereas in the originals he only shows this in spurts every 2 films and it always ends in him killing people anyways.

    I saw the remake was a heck of alot more watchable then the original but perhaps only because the original was so bad that given how movies are made today of course the remake is going to be years ahead of the original.

    -Justin Bienvenue–Author–The Macabre Masterpiece

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