Excision (2012)

excision movie posterWhat can I say… this movie makes me really fucking happy. I want to watch this over and over again, and it is not often that I say such a thing. The blu-ray cover says, “A nasty piece of work in the best possible way”. I couldn’t agree more.

AnnaLynne McCord’s performance as troubled teen Pauline is spot on. This is a very daring role for her and definitely out of her comfort zone since she usually plays sexy, confident, upbeat characters. She is probably best known for her TV roles in 90210 and Nip/Tuck. In Excision, they did a great job on her make-up –  giving her acne, greasy skin, terrible hair and eyebrows. It takes a lot to make a beautiful girl like AnnaLynne so weird and dog-ugly. She is really unrecognizable. Her unpleasant appearance is coupled terrifically with her acting ability to portray Pauline as brash, socially awkward, disturbed, and well… down-right demented.

anne-lynn-mccord-dreaming-for-excisionThe opening scene of the film shows Pauline, two versions of herself, looking at one another. One is quivering and bleeding from the mouth. The other, a beautiful version of herself, watches her dying-self in ecstasy. This is one of Pauline’s psychosexual fantasies. The movie goes back and forth between Pauline’s true life and these disturbing images from her dreams and imagination. She is a sociopathic teen who takes pleasure in making others uncomfortable. Even her own mother can’t stand her. But it’s hard not to feel bad for her since her mother is so overbearing and judgmental. Pauline has delusions of becoming a surgeon, yet puts no effort forth in school. I think these delusions stem from her fascination of blood and human anatomy (especially in the dead-form).

excision1Her dream fantasies are some of the most stylized, disturbing scenes I have seen in a while. Try to imagine images of Pauline sexually licking a headless corpse, bathing in a tub full of blood, midgets feasting on her naked body, self-induced abortion, pulling out tongues with clamps, sinking her hands into a cadaver as naked women kiss her, and her being praised as a Christ-like figure with intestines hanging around her neck. These scenes alone should make any horror fan leap for joy. Disturbing, I know.

exc2The only true relationship Pauline has is with her younger sister, Grace, who unfortunately has cystic fibrosis. They both care a lot for each other and Grace is significantly younger where she doesn’t understand how weird her sister is. Everyone else (her peers and parents) look at Pauline like she is a freak, like they are almost scared. But they could never imagine that Pauline would actually go too far, right? The signs are there though. Maybe they should be scared. Gracie’s health takes a turn for the worst and Pauline will do anything in her power to save the only meaningful relationship in her life. Once you realize what the big climax is going to be, it’s hard not to be utterly shocked. True life is much scarier than fantasy, even over Pauline’s sick fantasies.

This movie gives me everything I want to see in a successful horror movie. I want to be surprised. I want to be shocked. I can feel Pauline’s agony. We even have a cameo by John Waters, playing a priest no less. Brilliant. He must be proud to be part of such a sick and twisted film. This one ends giving me goosebumps. Get to your nearest TV and watch this NOW.

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