Dream Home (2010)

Written by: Missy

dream home josie ho posterCheng Li-sheung will do anything to get the home of her dreams. Devoting all of her life’s savings to buy the perfect home overlooking the water, Cheng (played by Josie Ho) is determined to get what she has wanted since she was a child. The sellers of her dream home back out of the deal to wait until the market improves. This is the catalyst for Cheng’s downward spiral resulting in a full blown murder spree. She brutally murders more than a handful of innocent bystanders in some of the most elaborate and gory fashions hoping that this will reduce the value of her beloved home enough that the sellers change their minds.  The question is, will Cheng get away with the mass murder and get what she wants?

Dream Home (2010) is a sickly humorous film that is a definite ‘must see’ for Asian horror fans. The film does a great job of showing you the story behind Cheng’s murder spree which gives the viewer more satisfaction than straight carnage with no background. Even though the motive behind the killings is clearly psychotic, the film really makes you feel just how much Cheng’s obsession controls her. In some sick way you even understand her motives…at least to a degreeDream.Home.2010. Showing what oppression and extreme economic hardships can do to a person mentally, the story is an exaggerated cautionary tale. The film is incredibly well done and the death scenes are in my opinion, some of the best. From being disemboweled to having a wooden slat shoved through a person’s mouth, there is more than enough gore to satisfy a horror film lover. Reminiscent of The Housemaid (2010) and Three… Extremes (2004), Dream Home is a great addition to the Asian Horror Film genre. The genre has perfected the use of a female murderer and makes these protagonists equally if not more frightening than their male counterparts.  I think anyone who has seen Audition (1999) would agree.  If you have not yet delved into the wonderful world of Asian Horror, I highly recommend you do so! Even if subtitles are not your forte, there are too many great horror works to miss out. Dream Home is a great introduction into this breed of twisted horror.

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  1. Excellent review, I agree completely. I loved this movie. Excellent gore. Not enough people know about this and I
    don’t see how. I own it and Audition.

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