Don’t Go In The Basement – The Black Heart

Written by: Missy

maxresdefaultOne of the great things about being a movie reviewer is getting the chance to talk about up and coming filmmakers. We were recently contacted by filmmaker and fellow horror fanatic Marcos Sotomayor about his short film Don’t Go In The Basement – The Black Heart as well as the teaser for the sequel, Don’t Go In The Basement – Arilyn Moore. It is a privilege to be able to see the beginning stages of a director’s cinematic journey and be able to critique new work and spread the word. We are all about supporting this industry and Marcos specifically requested our brutal honesty in our review saying “The only way to be the best is to continue to learn from mistakes and improve each time.” We absolutely love this attitude and couldn’t agree more. We see a bright future for Marcos and his team!

The film starts off with a brother and sister who have just moved into a basement apartment. The sister Desiree’s boyfriend comes over to eat dinner and see the new apartment. Inquiring how they were able to get such a good deal on the apartment, Desiree and her brother get a little uneasy and say that they don’t know the details but something eerie happened to the past tenants. As the trio sit in the living room smoking a joint they start to hear some strange noises. Upon exploring the basement, the three make their way through the dark hallways and end up in an empty room that is directly behind the apartment bedroom. As they look around, Desiree finds a necklace with a black heart charm. Some very weird and disturbing things begin happening to Desiree. Her brother and boyfriend go after her but what they find is no longer their beloved Desiree…

This short film Don’t Go In The Basement – The Black Heart is ‘home video’ style obviously inspired by films such as Paranormal Activity and The Exorcist. The first 9 minutes are a bit slow with no real action occurring. I think this is one of the challenges with doing a ‘home video’ stylized film. It is difficult, in particular with a short film, to transition from a normal home video to the action in a smooth but also captivating way. I am not a huge fan of this style but it is a clever way to shoot a small budget film.

CaptureshortWith those thoughts aside, I think the acting is quite good. You really do feel like you are just watching somebody’s personal footage they recorded with their friends. Additionally, the incorporation of two different cameras with a split screen view leaves a lasting impression. There is something much more discomforting about having two different views you have to watch while waiting in anticipation for something to jump out at you. This exceptional editing adds a lot to the level of suspense and fear.

The demonic makeup done in the film is really well done and pretty damn creepy. It is extremely difficult to have makeup/special effects look scary and not corny or completely fake. The bloody throw up in the bathroom was also seriously realistic and disgusting, a fact that I obviously loved. This was probably one of the most pleasantly surprising scenes. Major kudos on that!

Although there are a few things that bothered me a bit in the film (especially the odd fact that there is only one bed in the apartment for a brother and sister living together), I honestly enjoyed watching it and I see so much potential for this young filmmaker. The teaser for the sequel, Don’t Go In The Basement – Arilyn Moore,seems even more promising and is creepy as shit. I am definitely excited to watch what happens next! Keep an eye out for this one.

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Here is a teaser trailer for the sequel in production “Dont Go In The Basement – Arilyn Moore”

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