Deathgasm (2015)

deathgasm bannerNew Zealand loves their horror comedies; i.e. Bad Taste (1987), Dead Alive (1992), Black Sheep (2006), and recent hits Housebound (2014) and What We Do in the Shadows (2014). These Kiwis have been on a major roll lately and the latest addition of Deathgasm has upped their game tenfold with “heavy metal up your butthole.”

Deathgasm brodieBrodie and his group of loser misfit friends start a band (metal, duh) named DEATHGASM. “All uppercase because lowercase is for pussies.” They fit the part with their leather jackets, long shaggy hair, studded and spiked accessories, and face makeup taken straight from the 80’s. Unbeknownst to them, these metalheads unlock the gates of hell and summon the king of demons by playing a black hymn. When all their neighbors start turning into demons, the gang really gets the chance to show how hardcore they are when all hell breaks loose. The band, along with hot, blonde, Medina, start slaying the demons in brutal fashion, leaving a trail of chaos and destruction. They better tear shit up before it’s too late.

deathgasm zombieThe effects and originality are a standout. The demons with their torn out eyes and blood gurgling growls are sick and the makeshift weapons are “brutal as fuck.” And when you don’t have a weapon, a big, black dildo will do. My only axe to grind is the demons’ voices, which are hard to understand. This poses as a problem at times since they dish out some key information throughout the film.

deathgasm medinaThis movie is a Dead Snow soulmate, complete with over-the-top gore in the vein of Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive. There is every kind of death you can imagine and when it is set to death metal music it is even gnarlier. The gratuitous and extreme amount of blood and gore meets its match in equal amounts of humor and good laughs. I found myself laughing at multiple points throughout the film and watching this makes me want to re-watch Stitches, Hatchet, and Evil Dead right now.

Death Metal. Metalcore. Grindcore. Porno Grind. These are just a few of the subgenres in metal music. There are a lot of references to different metal bands, none of which I know, but it doesn’t take away from the overall experience. I can imagine heavy metal fans fucking love this light-hearted splatterfest. Even from an outsider’s perspective, this movie still heavily rocks. I give it a 666 out of 10.

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