Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead (2014)

dead-snow-2-red-vs-dead-poster-Did you ever see Idle Hands? You know, the one where the lazy, pot smoking teen’s hand gets possessed and starts killing people? Well, that’s kind of what happens to Martin, the only survivor from the first film (check out past review). Red vs. Dead picks up right where the first one left off. All of Martin’s friends have been killed by Nazi zombies and now one-armed Martin is in the hospital under suspicion for all the deaths of his friends. His plea for innocence is made worse when the hospital stitches a Nazi zombie arm on Martin (thinking it is the one he lost) and now this satanic arm just wants to kill kill kill! He tries to warn everyone that the zombies are coming but of course no one believes him because he has just killed the doctor and some nurses. dead snow 2 castHis only hope is a zombie squad from America that has been preparing for a zombie outbreak like this. And by zombie squad, I mean three nerds from small-town USA. Oh boy. Survival doesn’t seem very likely now. These aren’t your average flesh-eating zombies either; these zombies are on a mission and they won’t stop ‘til Martin figured out what they want.

The original was such a sleeper hit, it’s hard to imagine a sequel could be as good… but it is. Don’t worry, if you haven’t seen the first one, it’s not hard to figure out what’s going on – a good recap is given at the beginning of the film. While the first film was dubbed over in English, this one is almost entirely spoken in English. It’s definitely more Americanized, even though it still takes place in Norway, but it keeps true to its humor and gore. The plot is actually more developed in the sequel which makes it really fun and exciting.

dead snow 2 gifHorror sequels usually pride themselves in having more kills than the original. This one definitely hits that mark… hard. . I mean, seriously, almost one kill per minute. Just kidding. It’s actually a lot more, with each kill more inventive than the last. No one is spared – kids, handicapped, the elderly – everyone dies. I tried looking up a final death count, but couldn’t find one. (If someone does, please comment below!) An odd thing happens when a film is as gory and bloody as this one. It is so over-the-top and unrealistic, in every sense of the word, that the gore level is not really bothersome. It doesn’t make you squeamish (if you’re the squeamish type) like a realistic looking death would. As disturbing as it sounds, one becomes desensitized by the amount of unflinching violence. Even my boyfriend who hates horror wasn’t affected by it, which prompted me to mention this strange anomaly.

dead snow 2Dead Snow 2 isn’t scary by any means, but as expected, it’s funny, action-packed, and bloody as hell. Some characters are a little annoying but it’s forgivable since the whole movie is obviously supposed to be campy and theatrical. The showdown between Martin and Herzog, the leader of the Nazi pack, is like a zombie-fied Kill Bill with tons of impressive stunt work. The makeup and special effects are spot on and fantastic, just like in the first film. Traditional zombie rules are broken, creating a whole new genre – a fact that they state loud and clear in the film, in case you missed it.

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