Dark House (2009)

dark house movie posterCall me crazy, but this movie is pretty good. It is a decent little film with lots of blood, gore, and tricks up its sleeve. Sometimes I will watch a movie that I think is pretty good upon first viewing, but then not like it on later viewings after it has lost its edge. I saw this film a couple years ago and enjoyed it then. Watching it again today, I am still pleased with the outcome.

It tells the story of the Darodde House that many years ago was a foster home that held a scary reputation for the neighborhood kids. A local girl wanders into the house one day only to witness a blood bath of epic proportions.  Fourteen years later, this young girl is now beautiful young adult, Claire, who harbors some obvious lingering issues from that dark house scenewretched day. She refuses to take medication because it interferes with her only passion, acting. Her therapist suggests she return to the scene of the crime to recover those repressed memories and to get over her fears.

Coincidently, a horror movie maker offers Claire’s acting class an opportunity to work at the old Darodde House for his next project- a show called Dark House. The acting crew decides to take the gig. Walston, the director, shows the crew around the house. His team uses advanced holographic illusions to create the most sinister scenes and villaDarkHouseins, generating a most impressive haunted house. When the holographic illusions go haywire, what seems to be popping up in the house may actually be real!

It is a surprise that this film was shot in only 18 days, but at the same time I suppose I can see how this is possible since a lot of the film is computer generated. Usually I think CGI is used way too often in many modern horror films, but this one is tactical and polished.  The special effects produce some nasty and imaginative creatures. The crew takes willing haunted house goers through the house and we witness some pretty cool stunts that eventually turn deadly as real ghosts take over.  Sure it may not be the most original story but it is impossible to be bored with so many attractions and horrors to witness. The high energy never curtails. And lucky for us, the ending holds a dark surprise.

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