Creep (2014)

creep 2014 mark duplassI was really surprised by this movie! This is the best kind of a surprise when I go into a movie completely blind. I’ve never heard of this film but it has been featured on Netflix recently so I gave it a shot since it stars Mark Duplass from The League, The Lazarus Effect, and The One I Love. He is really funny but has been catching my attention lately with his more serious roles. Creep is the perfect role for him since it is a seamless blend of comedy and terror.

mark duplass creepWe all know I usually hate found footage films but it didn’t bother me this time since it is being used in the psychological thriller category. In horror movies, when people are running (which is inevitable, whether it be running from murderer, monster, or ghost), the shaky camera really distracts from the viewing experience. In Creep, there are very few scenes of shakiness, creating polished and confident filmmaking.

Aaron (Brice) is a camera man for rent. He picks up a gig with Josef (Duplass), who has hired him for the day to film a video of his life since he is terminally ill. Josef is a little off-kilter, a jokester with an odd sense of humor and an unpredictable personality.  He is definitely a creepy client but a job is a job. This unpredictability creates a fascinating ambiance that captures the audience’s attention instantly.

creep 2014 movieAaron and Josef are the ONLY characters in the entire movie, and half the time Aaron is behind the camera, so it is important that these performances are charismatic and spot-on and luckily both characters deliver on all cylinders. This film has elements that remind me of a much tamer version of Chuck and Buck (2000) or With a Friend like Harry (2000) which focuses on the chemistry and dynamics of opposing characters.

The building tension and unanswered questions make this a gripping thriller. The whole time you are just wondering what direction this movie will take. Josef and Aaron’s weird day turns into an even weirder evening when Josef seems reluctant to let Aaron leave. The lingering terror really picks up here. Some people may feel a little cheated with the simplicity of this film, but I wholly appreciate the slow burn technique and drawing out each creepy moments to its boiling point. The title of this movie is impeccable and I couldn’t be more excited that this is the first of a Creep trilogy by director Patrick Brice.

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