Contracted (2013)

contracted 2013WHOA. That was my first thought as the credits rolled at the end of this surprising little gem. Actually, I’m pretty sure that was my initial reaction upon the opening scene as well. The movie opens right in the middle of a necrophilia scene. Shocking, yes, but without being overly exploitive or gratuitous. I love super gory movies, but the horror and gore in this has a perfect pace and build-up- just like the “disease” contracted by Samantha.

contracted-feature-imageI was captured from beginning to end -with a fantastic plot, believable acting and clever little details sprinkled throughout. Orchids are shown in numerous scenes and every time I see an orchid I always think of the symbolism of orchids resembling female sexual organs. In Greece, orchids are associated with virility. In Europe, orchids symbolize love and beauty. All of these subjects are the core themes of this film- the dark and temperamental sides of sex, love and beauty.

Contracted_2013_720p_WEBRip_Hdmgate_com_00_09_4Samantha is a new-found lesbian who is currently having trouble with her girlfriend and has to move back home in with mom. Samantha goes to a party one night, is coerced into getting drunk, and meets a stranger whom she ends up having a one night stand with. Over the course of three days, Samantha starts exhibiting some nasty, virus-like symptoms including extreme bleeding from various orifices and rotting body parts. To the viewer it seems that she is basically rotting from the inside out. Her doctor tells her it could be a sexually contracted disease but until they figure out exactly what it is, she is to stay away from people. Needless to say, she does not follow this advice.

contracted movie gifThe make-up for the character Samantha is spot on. The body decomposition is gradual with detailed changes that progressively get worse as her disease continually transforms. This transformation weaves beautifully with the unravelling of the character’s psyche. She is strangely hideous and attractive all at once, which can be a confusing emotion for sure. There is better than average development of each character so the viewers actually feel for these characters and care about what happens to them. We go on this horrific journey with Samantha, but oh how the tables do turn with a surprise ending.

images (1)This is definitely going in my top 10 horror list for 2013. A late find in the year, but gladly found.  This movie reminds me of Teeth and Deadgirl, both high ranking on my list of favorites. I love the line in the preview I saw- “If Jaws was the film that made people never want to go into the water again… Contracted is the one that makes them think twice before having sex.” I will show this to my future children as a precautionary tale. That should do the trick.

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