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come back to me bannerRotten Tomatoes gives Come Back to Me a 20% on the Tomatometer and 38% on audience score. It has only slightly better feedback on IMDb with a score of 5.8 out of 10. How can this be?!? This movie completely caught me by surprise which is why I give it a rave review below. It deserves an easy 7 out of 10 for one of the most exceptional plots I have seen in recent years since The Pact. Check out my review below.

come back to me 2014Josh and Sarah are your all-American, young, married couple with big plans and aspirations and living in Las Vegas. First off, I like that this movie takes place in Las Vegas. I really can’t think of many other horror films taking place in Vegas besides Resident Evil: Extinction, Fright Night (remake) and Leprechaun 3 (but who would actually count Leprechaun 3), so this gives it an immediate advantage with its distinctive location and atmosphere. While Vegas isn’t an inherently spooky place, the story Josh and Sarah portray create an aura of disquiet and apprehension. You see, though they seem to have it all from an outside perspective, there is trouble in paradise. There are classic marital issues like Sarah wanting to start a family and Josh not being ready, but even more disconcerting is the fact that Sarah suffers from extreme night terrors that could be due to stress or a traumatic episode, of which we will be privy to later on in the film. To add a new element of conflict, there is the creepy neighbor Dale who has an undue fixation on Sarah.

come back to me movie reviewI suffer from night terrors and used to sleep walk as a child, so Sarah’s struggles hit close to home for me. I often wake up in the middle of the night and actually see spiders crawling up the walls or see a mist slowly descending upon me- horrific dreams that could scare the bravest of persons. There is even a documentary about sleep paralysis called The Nightmare (2015) that I have yet to work up the nerve to watch, rumored to be the most frightening documentary ever made. Enough about me and back to the movie. Sarah’s dreams begin to blur with reality, making it hard to tell where the dreams end and real life begins, until she jolts upright in bed, giving the viewers a jolt of anxiety. Either creeper Dale is terrorizing Sarah while she sleeps or all her loved ones are right to believe that she is going crazy. This technique of ‘what’s real and what’s perceived’ and ‘did it really happen or is she crazy’ has been used time and time again in horror movies. I thought I had the plot twist all figured out but boy was I wrong. Dead wrong.

Come Back To Me MovieSarah installs a camera in her bedroom to uncover what’s happening to her at night and a shocking revelation is revealed- a horrific secret that can never be guessed. This is such an original story you could have told me it was written by Stephen King- it is THAT good. In reality, it is based on the book, The Resurrectionist, by Wrath James White, who has written an impressive amount of horror novels. I haven’t read any of his work yet, despite being an avid reader, but I am so looking forward to it. If this movie is indicative of his imagination and thought-process then I know I am in for something really unique and exciting, not to mention very dark and scary.

Come Back to Me is the epitome of psychological horror, being incredibly effective as a terrifying film without the use of blood and gore. Taking elements of stalking, like in the film Sleep Tight, and all is not what it seems, like in The Sixth Sense, and an unexpected WTF ending, like in The Mist, Come Back to Me receives not a single complaint or criticism from me. This is officially one of my favorite underrated horror movies of the past 5 years. Do yourself a favor and DON’T watch the trailer ahead of time (it gives too much away) , just watch the feature film now on Netflix!

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