Cherry Falls (2000)

Cherry_Falls_filmWe all know the horror movie rules. Don’t drink. Don’t have sex. Don’t say, ‘I’ll be right back’. If you follow these rules, your odds of surviving are pretty good. But what if these principles are all thrown out the window? That’s exactly what Cherry Falls does with a serial killer who targets VIRGINS. Who will survive?? How far do these teens have to go to save their own lives? Oh, the madness!!

As you can tell, this movie isn’t for everyone. It is hard to categorize actually. It’s not a comedy (even though the premise makes you think so). It’s not a gory horror film (though there are numerous kills, minus the blood and guts). This movie seems like it wants to take itself seriously, which may be the reason that this movie didn’t fare well or why many people don’t know about this film. But in my humble opinion, I dearly love this senseless teen scream.brittany murphy cherry falls

One of the best things about this film is that it stars the late Brittany Murphy. She was typically known for roles as quirky, bubbly characters so it is fun to see her in this role as our angry, almost goth, heroine. Jody (Murphy) is the local sheriff’s daughter. When her father realizes that the murder victims in their small town are all virgins, he immediately worries about his daughter. At one point she asks him, “Are you disappointed that I’m still a virgin?” All horror stereotypes are thrown out at this point when we realize what kind of killer we have on cherry falls gifour hands. Jody becomes somewhat of a celebrity when she escapes the grips of the ravage killer, even bringing her horndog ex-boyfriend back into the picture, once again vying for her attention (and her virginity).

No one knows who the killer could be, but the real question they should be asking is why. The killer does not rape his victims so what is his motive? For these scared teens, the only right answer is to throw a sex party to take themselves off the endangered species list. That’s logical enough. When the killer crashes the ‘Pop Your Cherry Ball’, naked teens run amok! Jody is different though. She wants her first time to mean something. Looks like the virgin may prevail again. Long live horror movies!cherry falls gif

At its essence, Cherry Falls is just a good ol’ slasher flick. There are lots of deaths but nothing inventive. The story is certainly entertaining though. If you take this film for what it is, I don’t think you could find a bad thing to say about it. It’s just FUN! Put this on your movie shelf next to Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Urban Legend.

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