Bad Reputation (2005)

Bad_Reputation_(film)In high school, Michelle is the soft-spoken, book-reading, shadow-of-a-girl, virgin. In fact, she has never even kissed a boy. When her dream crush, a popular athlete, invites her to a party, she is elated but reluctantly agrees to attend. At the party, Michelle is drugged and date-raped by a gang of monstrous boys. When the jealous, popular girls see all the guys filing out of the bedroom leaving Michelle passed out without her underwear on, the girls tie her up and write SLUT on her forehead. Nasty rumors spread like wildfire; not even her hateful mother believes her when a wave of crude messages are left at their house. With no one to trust, Michelle takes vengeance into her own hands.

b1Even though Bad Reputation is incredibly low budget with paltry acting, I was intrigued from the get-go. Despite the extremely predicable plot and stereotypical characters, I wanted to watch it to the end. The editing during the kill scenes are horrifying bad, yet the director’s choice of classical music throughout the film adds a curious touch. This is by no means a good movie (as is evident in the IMDb rating listed below), but I have seen worse. I may be lax in my criticism here, but that is probably because I am a fan of the rape/revenge subgenre of horror. There are MANY superior choices if you are looking for this kind of film: Irreversible, I Spit on Your Grave, The Last House on the Left, Ms. 45, The Brave One, Tamara, Descent, Big Driver, and Girls Against Boys. These films vary in quality, but there is a level of emotion and brutality that is definitely missing in Bad Reputation.

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