Baby Blood (1990)

baby blood french filmBaby Blood is a French (dubbed) film that tells the story of voluptuous and sensual Bianca, a woman who works with a travelling circus that gets impregnated by “something” inhuman. Something slithering, slimy, and evil that makes its way INSIDE Bianca while she sleeps. Something centuries old that traveled from Central Africa to the current location in Northern France. When she discovers she is miraculously pregnant, she packs a bag and leaves the circus life behind her forever. But what comes next is even more evil and outrageous.

I encourage every fan of b-horror movies to find this movie as soon as possible. It is a despicable and over-the-top gory delight! I’ve seen this movie mentioned numerous times over the years and finally took the plunge and ordered a copy from Amazon. I was practically leaping up and down in excitement while watching this film because it is something original and beyond weird like I have never seen before!

bianca baby bloodThis baby, or thing, growing inside Bianca forces her to kill. It wants the blood of the men she kills. It needs the blood to grow. It communicates with her. She talks back to it. If she doesn’t follow its command, it will rip her open from the inside. It can cause her pain and so she unwillingly does its will. The fact that this thing talks and thinks like a human is a little jarring and almost stupid at first, but once the novelty passes it isn’t so bad and helps tell the story.

As Bianca becomes more and more pregnant, she begins to like the hunt and the kills more and more. It’s hard not to blame her since every man in the film is stupid and horny and mesmerized by Bianca’s body, even with the looming baby bump. Her affection for this thing growing inside her has turned her into a carnal serial killing maniac!

baby blood movie gifAll the kill scenes are spectacularly epic and sensational. During the first kill, Bianca screams, with her robe open and her huge boobs swaying, as she plunges the knife in her victim over and over again, spraying herself entirely in blood with no inch of skin left unbathed. There is another unforgettable kill from the knife’s perspective. The camera goes into the stomach as the knife does. Bet you haven’t seen a kill like that before. I know I haven’t!

This film is another fine example of why I like French horror films. It may not be beautifully filmed like Calvaire, make you think like Martyrs, or give you nightmares like Inside, but it’s sure to give you gore and thrills! Speaking of Inside, I can’t help but think that Inside got a little inspiration from Baby Blood. There is a death by scissors scene and main character Bianca has a gap tooth just like the chilling villain woman from Inside.

baby blood 1990There are quite a few annoying flaws, like no one even looking twice at a woman covered in blood. That’s not the point though. Everything is supposed to be absurd and over the top so it is forgivable. B-horror film lovers will probably agree that Baby Blood belongs at the top of the heap with its bizarre blood splattering goodness. If this movie was remade it could be something really badass.

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