American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore (2015)

American-Guinea-Pig-Bloodshock-To-Premiere-At-Slaughter-In-Syracuse-2015WARNING: only watch this movie if you love extreme violence and gratuitous gore. Or, if you are just curious or crazy like me, dive right in.

Let me just say that I really, really wanted to love this film. I was a (small) part of the funding for this project over six months ago on IndieGoGo and since then I have been patiently waiting for the final product and my limited edition signed DVD. It took me a couple months getting around to watching it since I have recently moved back to Texas (best place in the world!). Sadly, I didn’t love this movie but this is a subjective opinion because as much as I love horror, this particular sub-genre just doesn’t do anything for me. Let me explain further.

American-Guinea-Pig-Series-2-Bouquet-of-Guts-and-Gore-2014-movie-1The Guinea Pig films were originally a series of Japanese movies made in the 80’s that were so twisted and disgusting that people thought they were real snuff films. These films are still relatively hard to find hard copies of today, so true horror fans covet these elusive, nasty movies.  I’ve only seen clips from the original series, blasphemy coming from a horror fan, I know. But, as much as I love horror, and that is a LOT, I never got into these fake “snuff” sub-genre horror films. I’m all for gore, but the lack of plot in these types of movies actually make it almost boring. The August Underground films in the early 2000’s were the first American films to try their hand at mimicking the Guinea Pig films. I’ve seen a couple of those and realized as brutal as films like these are, they are pretty boring. Still, I was excited for American Guinea Pig and jumped at the chance to help fund it. I support all horror- the good, the bad, and the ugly.

With that being said, obviously this movie is NOT for everyone, but true horror fans will definitely appreciate this revolting and offensive piece of work. Now let’s talk about the actual film. As far as the plot… well, there really isn’t one. Basically the movie starts with three women chained and subdued on operation tables. Three men take turns filming and mutilating these women. It’s a snuff film of a snuff film. But really, who cares about the plot. This is about gore! Gore galore!

american guinea pig bouquet of guts and goreWhat’s good: the gore, obviously. There is no computer generated imagery, so all the effects are man-made. Since this movie is short on dialogue and plot, it is ALL about the special effects and violence. To say the gore is gratuitous is an understatement. It is CONSTANT torture and body mutilation for the entire 73 minutes. Get ready for a lot of body hacking, blood-letting, and skin peeling. The minimal dialogue is downright disturbing though with the cameraman directing the masked murderer, “Do it slower! Make me hard!” Ew.

What’s bad: again, the gore. I commend theteam’s efforts for their special effects but it isn’t that realistic looking. Some of it looked so fake that it didn’t faze me at all. Also, something I found odd was the decision to have the victims unresponsive the whole time, rather than kicking and screaming. If they don’t squirm and scream, I don’t squirm and scream. Daddy’s Little Girl made me much more squeamish. The whole thing basically ends up being an amateur autopsy with foul language.

Even though I was disappointed in the realism, there are a few effective scene that will forever be seared into my mind. The eyeball slicing scene, showing the oozing aqueous humor, is rad! THIS is the scene we all wanted to see in Would You Rather.  And the jaw-splitting scene (like on the cover), with the tongue lolling around, is one of the most creative kills I have seen in a long time. Overall, I appreciate the hard work behind American Guinea Pig and I will continue to support Stephen Biro and his team’s future works. It may not be the best film, but it is one you will never forget, especially the horrifying ending.

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  1. I want to check this film out but I’m worried that it will lack a plot. ;\ I love gore but I also love a awesome story line! I’ll most likely check it out. Thanks for the awesome review.

    I found your blog today & I’m so in love! 🙂

    • Hi Real Queen of Horror! Thanks for the support! I just checked out your site and I am impressed! Great site you have there. Looking forward to keeping in touch with you.

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