Alyce Kills (2013)

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imagesAlyce is somewhat of a loner and has just recently reconnected with one of her only friends, Carroll. Carroll jokes that Alyce acted like ‘single white female.’ Despite the awkward patch the two seem to be back to normal. When Carroll finds out her boyfriend has been cheating on her, the two decide to go have some real fun. After taking some ecstasy and some more excessive drinking and dancing, the girls head back to Alyce’s apartment in their euphoric state. Still on 1366228480Alyce_Still_15their high, Carroll and Alyce go up to the rooftop to continue drinking and rolling. As Carroll stands on the edge of the roof she begins teasing Alyce about her stalker-ish ways again. Alyce creeps up behind her and jokingly pushes Carroll to scare her, Alyce falling down in the process. As she laughs and stands up she realizes to her horror that she has pushed Carroll off of the roof. All of this happens within the first twenty minutes of the film. This intimate look into Alyce’s background is a convincing set-up for a psychotic breakdown.

alyce killsA police officer shows up early the next morning to question all the residents and Alyce acts surprised and upset. The officer continues to question her and Alyce suggests that Carroll tried to kill herself. The officer tells her that actually Carroll is not dead; she is just in ICU and banged up.
Alyce really freaks out at this point. What if Carroll tells them what really happened?? Alyce’s paranoia and guilt send her into an intense downward drug induced spiral. Alyce’s murderous tendencies come out in full force and everyone in her wake is in danger.

The 180 that Alyce goes through is intense and you can really see the break in her mind as it happens. The gore and murder scenes are gruesome and bloody. Can’t go wrong with some good ol’ disembowelment and dismemberment.  When Alyce goes about trying to dispose of the bodies by chopping them into pieces and shoving them down the disposal, it is actually somewhat hard to watch because it is so disgusting.

alyce kills gif b&wI found this film to be surprisingly entertaining. Jade Dornfeld who plays Alyce does a really good job portraying the two sides of the protagonist. She does a superb job showing Alyce’s weak, insecure, vulnerable side but is equally convincing when it comes to Alyce’s psychotic, bloodthirsty, and completely indifferent inner self. I think anyone who is a fan of horror films will enjoy Alyce Kills. I see many similarities to films like May (2002) and American Mary (2012), two other films I highly recommend. As a big fan of the female serial killer genre, I welcome this addition to the club.

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