Alléluia (2014)

Written by: Missy

Alleluia-2015-posterLoosely based off of the true story of the Lonely Heart Killers, Alléluia is a story of obsession, madness, and love… well mostly madness. Directed by Fabrice Du Welz, Alléluia is casted to perfection with Lola Dueñas in the role of Gloria and Laurent Lucas in the role of Michel. Supporting actresses, including the beautiful Helena Noguerra, play the perfect victims of the two sadistic protagonists, Michel and Gloria. The mixture of amazing directing, perfect character portrayals, and incredible storyline create one hell of a f***ed up thriller!

Gloria is a lonely, single mother looking for love on an online dating website where she meets the charming Michel. Michel seduces Gloria on the first date and sweeps the desperate woman off of her feet. We quickly learn that Michel is skilled at scamming people and Gloria is an easy, if willing, victim. Michel eccentric behavior makes it seem as if he is on the brink of madness. We feel bad for naïve Gloria as she falls for his scheming ways, but soon enough her crazy starts to come out too. Michel confesses that his gift is one of seduction and he uses this gift to get what he wants from women. alleluia frenchGloria is psychotically accepting of this confession and tells him that she will be his partner and help him with his seductions. She is madly in love with him and believes they are meant to be. They really may be a match made in heaven hell. This emotionally unstable couple begin a journey preying on lonely, single women. The first scam seems to be going well until Gloria’s jealousy takes over in a fatal way. This shocking scene becomes even more deranged as it turned into a scene of maniacal sex. As you can guess, as each of the next victims comes into their lives, the violence and insanity only becomes more frenzied and disturbing.

alleluia 2014Every nuance of Alléluia is done with care and precisionAlong with the amazing acting, the portrayal and depth of madness, control, and obsession are shown exquisitely by Du Welz. The magnitude of the main characters’ insanity and delusions of grandeur is convincing, and as with most French films it is very liberal with its sex scenes. I knew I would love this twisted film since Du Welz also directed Calvaire (2004), which is one of my favorite horror movies ever made. He does ‘creepy’ so very well and Alléluia is no exception. The raw violence is so compelling and I highly recommend this film to anyone who loves a good French horror. Alléluia will leave you haunted and perhaps make you think twice about online dating.

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