A Serbian Film (2010)

Written by Missy; Preface by Alex


A real conversation between Missy and I:

Missy: Holy shitballs. That’s definitely the most fucked up thing I’ve ever seen. My god.

Missy: Whoever thought of that story is a psycho.

Alex: Nothing beats it or ever will I imagine.

Missy: Yeah I mean it’s not even possible. Every possible sick fucked twisted thing was in it.

Six hours later…

Missy: Gah I can’t stop thinking about Serbian.

If a film could have a more hardcore rating than NC-17, this would be it. With that being said, this is not a film that neither Missy or I can recommend but we do understand there are curious people out there like ourselves.

Proceed with caution to Missy’s review below.

No spoilers within. Consider yourself lucky for that…


It is not very often that I see a movie that truly disturbs me to the core. Since I had read and heard of many of the atrocious scenes in A Serbian Film, I honestly didn’t think it would affect me that much since I was going in expecting the worse. Well let me just tell you the worst imaginable is just the beginning.

Milos is a semi retired porn star who lives with his wife and son who you can tell Milos loves very much. The opening scene shows Milos’ son watching a porn film in the living room. This is a pretty shocking scene in and of itself because the son is no more than 6-7 years old and the star of the hardcore film is his own father. Considering this is the mildest of offenses in comparison to the rest of the film, you can see that the depravity and ‘wrongness’ of what is to follow is more than a little intense and alarming.tumblr_mmenwnbV1W1qdy0svo1_500

Struggling to make ends meet Milos is offered a starring role in an ‘artistic’ porn. The insanely high amount of compensation he is offered makes this job too good to pass up so Milos decides with his wife that he will do the film. The director seems very ‘off’ and his extreme passion for creating a real work of art is unsettling. He will not let Milos know what any of the scenes will be that he is expected to shoot. How bad can can the acts be that Milos will have to take part in that he, a world renown porn star, is kept completely in the dark? As a viewer, what is to come is worse than anything you can imagine.

I will not go into the details of what happens in the rest of the film. Most people do not even want to hear about such iniquitous things.  But I will tell you, the acts shown throughout the second half of the movie are among the most sick, twisted, depraved, disgusting things to ever be thought up, let alone shown on film. If you do not think you can handle watching the makings of the worst possible snuff film…. I seriously advise you to NOT watch this film.

Setting aside the subject matter,the film is incredibly well done. The acting is great and the scenes are hauntingly realistic. You feel great sorrow for Milos and the things he endures. The film definitely meets its goal of shocking the audience and pushing past any lines that once were set for a standard film. To me, the scariest and most disturbing thing about this film is the thought that somewhere in this world sick shit like this actually goes on. I definitely felt like I needed to take a shower after watching the movie and I was almost embarrassed to have anyone know I had watched it. You feel somewhat like you are in a secret club with other people messed up enough to watch the movie. For those of you brave souls about to watch it, just keep reminding yourself “it isn’t real, it isn’t real, it isn’t real.”

keep calm and watch a serbian film

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