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A note from the editor: This review is by our new contributing author, Missy. This is such a well done review for such a complex film. She will try to have a follow-up review in the next couple of months on this same film, revealing spoilers that shed light on these characters and the meanings behind the film and title. I look forward to more of Missy’s reviews. Welcome!


proxy posterproxy noun \ˈpräk-sē\
: a person who is given the power or authority to do something  for someone else

After viewing this film, the definition of the word proxy holds a whole new meaning to the viewer. Writer Kevin Donner and writer/director Zack Parker have created a truly individualized tale of human nature, maternal instinct, and revenge within this film. The opening scene shows character Esther Woodhouse, played by Alexia Rasmussen (Our Idiot Brother), as she makes her final OB visit before giving birth. After leaving the doctor’s office Esther is brutally attacked by an unknown assailant. In a grotesque and disturbingly realistic clip, Esther’s stomach is beaten, leaving her unborn child dead.  Esther is warned by police that typically this type of assault is done by somebody the victim knows. This first scene hooks the viewer in as we try to figure out what kind of monster could commit such a horrendous act.proxy

Not much can be divulged from the second half of the movie without spoiling the many plot twists, but let’s just say you have no idea what kind of depravities are coming your way. Esther is strangely drawn to a young woman she meets in a support group for parents who have lost children. We discover secrets Esther and the young woman Melanie (played by Alexa Havins) unknowingly share that result in an extremely dramatic and intense death scene. Similar to Lars Von Trier’s AntiChrist, Zack Parker uses slow motion sequences in a whole new way. This brings an avant-garde way for the viewer to experience a proxydeath scene. This climactic event is surprisingly only midway through the film and the plot continues to become even more intertwined up to the final scene.

For horror lovers this is definitely a must see and is not the typical run of the mill for this genre. Exposing the dark-side of human nature, this movie is packed with taboo ideas like fetal homicide, auto-erotic asphyxiation, gang bangs, and so much more. Proxy is Cerebral Horror at its best.

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